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most finished car and track

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by ouvert, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. ouvert


    what would you consider to be most finnished car and track in currently latest build ?
    I don`t wanna judge pCars on it current state, just to see where they are heading ..
    Which cars have best implementation of FFB .. I`ve tried mp4, RUF GT3 and Atom 500 and I guess I just have a bad luck picking wrong cars ;)
  2. ONT


    Not sure at the moment, I normally grab one of the BMW race cars, look at the tire info in Nic's thread.

    It also really depends on witch track You drive on, some has more bumps implemented
    and micro features.

    Again looking at what cars and tracks are used for the tire testing is likely Your best bet.

    There is a really good video from Nic with input on Brands here
    <mod edit: insert video either in the media gallery or here as not everyone can access>
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  3. ouvert


    thanx .. I`ll take a look ..
  4. ONT


    I know the Formula C car had a lot of tire testing in the past but I'm not sure of the state today.

    From tire testing thread today: "Either way, I've made some small changes to nearly all of my tires today in line with our latest thinking and what has been getting good feedback. Should hit Monday builds for you guys to try out."
  5. ouvert


    yep i guess you right with Formula C .. if i`m not mistaken they had Formula C on Brands on press event so it would make a sense ...