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Tracks Mosport Park 1.0

Conversion: Tracks By: PWF

  1. thestrobe8 submitted a new resource:

    Mosport Park - Conversion: Tracks By: PWF

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  2. When going over the s/f ine for the first time, it counts the lap. Why not putting the car into pits, instead onto the track?
  3. tnx a lot
  4. I see the trees have improved ;)
  5. Thanks, excellent track!
  6. Ah Mosport my old hometown track.

  7. @thestrobe8,
    • First thank you for this track and not just because I am Canadian, also because it is a great track.
    • Second, I am bit disappointed because in many corners it feels in the driving wheel as if we are driving on undulations ( corrugated iron) which is not representative of the real world track surface.
    Again thank you for sharing those track with us, you recent conversion have great and smooth road surface.

  8. Thanks. I wish I could use it. The screen turns black and returns to AC menu when crossing the start/finish line.
  9. It is most likely because it interferes with one of the app you added in your python folder. Mini cockpit app was what did it for me on a few add on track. All good now that I removed it.
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  10. Thanks - I'll let you know what I find. You and I had a similar issue with one of the Snoopy versions.
    Edit: I deleted every 3rd party app except RSR Live Timing. No luck. Same problem with Road Atlanta.
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  11. What version of AC are you on?
  12. AC 0.10.2
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  13. Then IDK what's wrong....
  14. Reading most reviews makes me wonder, the vibrations in the wheel in many turns is really nasty, yet the review are ecstatic.
    The strobe8 I appreciate your efforts and I am grateful for you to share those conversions, but this one needs work badly. At this point to me it is not useable.
  15. Fast Furman

    Fast Furman

    nice track
  16. IlLégal conversion :mad:
  17. Maybe it's your wheel settings. The conversion is definitely bumpier than the track is in real life but not to the point that it's not useable.
  18. Please provide some context.
  19. My wheel is fine, to me it is unusable because it is in AC, and there is so many other track ( now:D) that I prefer driving some where else. I am glad that other can enjoy this magnificent Canadian track, I drove there IRL and it is not like driving on undulated metal.:)
  20. Hi,

    I have not received any request for authorization! for conversion, or use any part of my work.

    Neel Jani
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