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More 3D simEd than BTB

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ebrich, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. ebrich


    Not at all a BTB problem, except I wish to use it with BTB. Close your eyes Mr Moderator please.
    Downloaded 3D simED, to put a few corrections onto my track, and it will not run. I know there are lots of BTB bods who use 3D sim and I wondered if anyone had an idea as to (the eternal question) -Why?

    Put the same question onto'The Pits' forum = 0.

    Had ideas from Dave Noonan = came to 0.

    Probably another program interferring?

    Took out all usb devises - Switched off firewall and antivirus, and ran machine in safe mode =came to 0.

    Do not get any error messages just - "3D simEd has stopped working. Microsoft will try and find the answer". Microsoft doesn't.

    I can run 3D simEd version up to 1.8 fine but as soon as I try any version 2, it refuses to open.

    If it comes to it I can run the prog on my wifes laptop but thats a bit of a pain and I would really like to find out, why.
  2. Perhaps .NET framework needs updating?
  3. ebrich


    Thankyou Ryan. I checked my auto updates and net framework was updated a week ago so I suppose its up to date. Looked in programs and have net framework 3.5 SP1 and net framework 4 client profile.
  4. Ive noticed how since installing & registering BTB that my system seems to have updated .NET frame work to a similar level & Ive been wondering if any or all of the updates are necessary?
    As for your 3D SimEd issues ebrich, are you still on the sample (20day trial) version?
    [Just curious is all....]
    Only thing I can think of, for now, is that the 'trial period limit' is restricting it....
    BUT, Ive known of Mr Noonan to be MOST helpful ONCE he DOES catch onto problems & mishaps & advice in general....
    It's a tall ask but keep onto 'dropping him a line' & he will eventually get back to you & not quit until it's cured....
    The bloke from 3D Route Builder can be the same, & although it takes time for them to catch-up, it's nice to know that there ARE those out there that CAN provide 'olde worlde' service with modern technologies/services....
    Good luck with your answer/service hunt there
  5. ebrich


    Yes and no Lee. As I have the 1.8 version, which is a patched 1.4 version, that works and there is no time limit on it ( I took it that as an old version its free?!) I have been tinkering with that. The 2.? trial version is on the laptop. The first thing I did when v2.? wouldn't open was to delete the v1.4 patched and redownload the v2.?
    Dave Noonan has been more than useful and if I could think of another question to put to him I know he will respond. So I'm pretending not to think about it tooooo much - waiting for that magical moment.
  6. ebrich


    Just as a point of interest, and as there is nothing new on the forum (everybody very busy building tracks I hope), thought that I would tell the world that the 'magical moment' has arrived and I've managed to get 3simED working.
    No fault of 3SimED but of my vista's DEP ( Data Execution Prevention) system not asking me if I really Really wanted to run a prog that microsoft hadn't verified. Probably my fault for running a registry clean some time earlier which deleted something it shouldn't have done! But all that is a bit beyond me.
    Anyway Dave Noonan said
    " I am surprised about this because I have DEP on my Windows 7 system. I think in your case a Windows .DLL used by 3DSimED has caused a DEP problem but I cannot be sure.
    It’s good to hear that your running!. "

    Thats my threepence worth for a while as I'm goin try and get my head around 3SimED.