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Montreal feedback

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, May 20, 2015.

  1. There seems to be some bugs still left in the 2014 track, although last year we ran 3 races here fine. Please inform here if you find anything and I can easier keep track of bugs and possibly fix them.

    New Canada:
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  2. Heavy bumps in T5 (close to the wall on the right), also before the hairpin on the left close to the grass.
  3. I remember Ville retired at T2 because of invisible bug.
  4. there is an other version of montreal if you want
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  5. I think that this version isn't the best (at least not yet).

    I don't know whats going on but my game freezes all the time when I hit some walls or drive in the gras??? In the 2nd chicane in sector 2 there seems to be some bug in the wall (quite early) and also in the curb (outside). Something is draging the car towards the wall.

    Don't know if other people have the same issues but maybe michele's idea to change the track isn't that bad.

  6. The other version I know of has crappy curbs which can be cut and bumpier surface, otherwise it's based on the same track. I'm not aware of any game freezes from last year reported, that sounds very strange. Same about those bugs, never seen or heard before, can you post video or something? Also I don't notice the bumps that Zaharov reported, are they on track or off track?
  7. Contact with inside curb+low ride height+high spring stiffness+high fast bump=exploding suspension maybe?

    Same with the ER glitch at Spa that only certain people seemed to suffer from...
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  8. They are on track. First bump looked like an invisible hole on track, if you run through T5 and kind of stay next to right white line FFB will kick and right wheel will emit puff of white smoke. Not sure what it is. Same with the second bump before the hairpin only that it is on the line (and in the braking zone). Also, there is strange FFB on the exit of T9, after you run on the exit kerb FFB will kick in with some sort of strange "canned" vibration:
    This I can confirm.

    It's more like he is stuck against something with front splitter or front of underbody and car naturally dipping forwards starts to compress it's front suspension which breaks under load. The idea is to move undertray values higher and closer to center of the car in HDV file and test again to confirm this suspicion.
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  9. T2 bus is there as Dian mentioned. If you are too wide getting into T2 and you hit the grass, you can hit invisible wall.

    Rest of the track wasnt that bad, except that legendary bug in S2 chicane, lol
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  10. I also noticed some issue in T1. I drove yesterday and was braking hard just hitting the gras a bit, my car went off and I had some buggy FFB and the game freezes. The exact same thing happens in the 2nd chicane of sector 2. On the outside curb, FFB goes crazy, tyres are smoking (frontright loses 4%) and sometimes the game freezes. You also get dragged towards the wall, basically I can not run on that curb or my race is done. The funny part is that other people can drive on it. If you hit the wall in the right angle you fly up in the air or game freezes.
  11. I have an issue where the car gets sucked into the ground, it snaps so rapidly that it's impossible to save and then spins around 360 degrees losing several % of tyre wear as well. Some corners it bounces and jitters and other corners it feels like some force is pulling my wheel as I touch the lines.

    This happens:
    - When I cross the white lines on the inside of T6
    - Under braking for T7, I get on the white lines on the right/outside (but don't touch the grass) and the car jitters and bounces uncontrollably
    - Outside of T8 (exit after the kerb)
    - Outside of T9 (entrance under braking) same thing, I get close to the grass but don't touch it and the car snaps and spins. It seems there is no grip causing major skidding and lockups in that piece of road that splits the grass.
    - Final chicane under braking I'm not even touching the grass on the outside and the car snaps and spins.


    On the replay, it looks like there is a gap between the main track surface and off-line, which is what might be causing the problem. I've uninstalled, redownloaded and reinstalled the track but the same issue still occurs. I also tried to test to see if the same would happen on the FSR server, but when I join it puts me in as a spectator even though the spectator option is unticked. EDIT: Afterwards I tried joining the FSR server and it worked, but the problems mentioned above still occurred.

    I've also tried implementing my default setup as well as my own and the same problem still happens. I can send a replay if needed. The same problems don't happen to others, only me.

    The track is undriveable at the moment, can't get any testing done.
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  12. The track is so buggy that the bugs aren't even the same for everyone. For me, the bugs decided to not exist and I'm happily pushing like crazy everywhere, going over white lines, using grass if needed, braking on white lines, riding the kerbs fully, no problem. The smoothest track of the year, I'm still shaken from Bahrain and this is like driving on silk. And I'm not joking a single bit.
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  13. I have made new temporary version with noclip whitelines so they shouldn't interfere anymore with physics, download here. I'm somewhat hopeful it will fix bumpiness problems near grass for Jonny and Dmitry. Make sure you uninstall the old track or it will load the wrong one. New track is under 2015 entry in menu.
  14. I tried the track (not latest from few mins ago). Suddenly, (idk if its related to different mod or build) Ive much more problems than last year.

    There is still invisible bump/wall on the inside of T2. T5 outside curb is, lets say, weird. Inside of T6 behaves weird too, tyres are smoking sometimes, sometimes im suddenly oversteer too. T10 inside curb is legendary as I said and exit curb is a big problem too. When I touch it, it literally wants me to turn to the right. Also once I experienced bug, when I crossed that curb and at the end of it my game just got stuck. Probably the same as Kerni described before. Also there as small bump at the start of exit curb in last chicane.

    Long story short - the track is currently not ready to make official race on it, I think (as last year). And since Ive state exams just 2-3days after this race, Im not even willing to practise for this weekend, if these bugs will keep appearing randomly as it was so far.

    I just cant invest my time at this moment, if there will be still 70% chance that Ill hit a bug somewhere just by going few centimeters different line than lap before.
    Hopefully we can fix it somehow soon.
  15. I haven't had a single issue so far. I love the track in fact lol.

    I only found one little thing (I don't know if you've fixed it in the new version), regarding T7.
    The inside and outside tarmac sections, or whatever they are, have the same amount of grip as China last year. Remember, the run-off area made of ice? See pics for more detailed location.
    As said before though, not a single issue here other than that so far. Pretty weird.
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  16. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    That could be a texture issue.
  17. The issue Jeroen reported is easy to fix. The curbs I think are not technically bugs (well, the game crash is), it's how the car reacts to 3D curbs and high anticuts. I could try to lower some of those. If the white lines crash bug is fixed with latest release (inside of T6 etc), I'm not too worried.
  18. I just tested last version an can report that no bumps or magnet walls anymore. However. For some reason whole track is populated with marbles (I use realroad from the server), and grip is much lower (3s slower). Not sure if that is intended or something on my side.
  19. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    Server currently has a Naturally progressing rr ... it will prob get bad with marbles.