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monte carlo setup

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Craig Whitmore, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. I did a round of setup's for online racing the other day, using a red bull as the standard, tweaking the tracks that didn't work so well for online. One of these was monte carlo, I spent about an hour or so setting up the car's gear ratios etc, so that I would nearly hit the rev limitter on the longest straight.

    I get into an online quick game, I find that my setup is rubbish. I hit the swimming pool straight, in the tunnel and it tops out in 7th at around the 200m marker.

    I'm stumped, I don't know how to setup the gears for this track for online games. Gears seem to not save or something for this track, similar happens to spa, hockenheim and maybe a few others too.

    Any advice?
  2. What game mode did you use to 'tweak' you setups?
  3. Grand Prix mode, I have also tried TT, both using the Red bull.

    I think that it's perhaps a different car that is the standard for Monte Carlo.

    Between turn 4 and 5, I had trouble setting up the gears to accomodate this bit of straight, as I am in 5th as I leave turn 4 and near the end of the straight, I am wanting to gear up to 6th, although this doesn't benefit me, as the ratio is too low. I came to a compromise with the gears for this. However, come to online mode, i get into 6th at the start of the straight between 4 and 5, not the end.

    I am also changing gears like a silly bugger from 1 through to 7, I can't change gear fast enough, yet in grand prix, it's much more well spaced apart.
  4. Baring in mind that in online quick games, there is no fuel or tyre simulation, and the cars are equal performance.
    Ive only a few setups which work well in both online and other game modes.
  5. How would you suggest I setup a car for a non quick mode, online race using equal car performance? I really don't like joining a race, particularly those mentioned and running out of revs 4/5 of the way along the longest straight.

    Monte carlo is the worste, as the gear ratio's and revs just seem too wrong, i really can't change gears quick enough, i'm going from 1st to 5th or 6th in a matter of seconds, just spamming the up gear shifter.
  6. You just need to take into account that when fuel and tyre sim is off, the car is grippier and weighs less.
    This can cause some oversteering without the weight of the fuel, and obviously the car will be much more responsive. So you just need to compensate for these factors in your setup through trial and error.
    As driving styles vary so much, what works for one driver may not work well for someone else.

    I run very short gears - im always looking for 8th gear as I come out the tunnel lol as it redlines 7th pretty quick.

    But yes, Monaco is a very busy track for a driver, and there is no getting around the fact you will be changing gear - a lot!
  7. I'm switching the tyre and fuel sim off while setting up the car.

    It is the busiest, I'd say it's the hardest of all the tracks, which also makes it so much fun.
  8. i think my 7th gear is set at about 285 - 290 kph. i can get 1:12.3xx in TT and have found this to work well for career and gp modes. ive spaced out the other gears evenly. hope this can be of some use.
  9. TT is a bugger, the hairpin at turn 6 is nearly impossible to get right without clipping the exit, then there's the rest of the track, lol. I got a 1:16 after a handful of tries, I'm sure that I can skim another 4s off that if I ever get the hairpin sorted.