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WIP Montain Florest

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by catboy, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Update version v1.1

    Fantasy Track in mountain and Florest :)


    - 3 alternative layouts ( Gp Circuit, Mountain climbing, old road)
    - 2 tunnels
    - 3 old bridges
    - 1 viaduct
    - custom textures

    P.S. All Tunnels and Bridges are Standard Walls of BTB

    Donwload V1.1 Mountain Circuit

    Attached Files:

  2. wow, impressive work there :)
    by the way how do you make that green thing that goes with your apex?
  3. You referes to image 10? The green ground is part of skyboxi, i use the skyboxi of lienz.
  4. i refer to the 5 that thing that is with the apex
  5. Hoo that texture!! can find in Default Xpack "Ripple-->RippleMat001".
  6. thanks buddy :)
  7. Looks v cool. Can we test it?
  8. This week i post a Beta version..
  9. Download of Beta1 ready! go First Post
  10. thanks i will try this later : ) good work so far
  11. First Beta1 file 7z is corrupt.. uploading new Beta1.1
  12. New version beta2
  13. beta3 for download..
  14. Thx :D
  15. Update Version 1.0 new textures

    admin: how to turn off wip track and mov it to final ?