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Monaco - What was CM thinking....

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Jason Dewhurst, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Have you ever had a lap go wrong when the ai crashes and causes a 7 car pile up?

    haha I got dsq because 4 cars crashed behind me when I couldnt avoid senna crashing and I got penalised for illegal blocking? I mean what the hell lol
  2. Some of the penalties are a bit silly in f1 2010, just hope they rectify it for 2011. The one that annoys me is when i use my intiative and run off the circuit to miss a accident i either get a penalty for corner cutting or a penalty for passing under a yellow flag!
  3. I have gave up, I really cannot be bothered anymore, 40 laps monaco 2 left and im 3rd due to a 3 stop strategy and I get dsq for avoiding a crash and overtaking under yellow flag, nothing I could do, overtake or crash my car.
  4. you ever seen 'Days of Thunder' it worked for him second time, shoulda tried that Mr Trickle :p
  5. its been a while since I watched that, cant even remember it lol
  6. OMG Tom Cruise ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  7. They really need to add ghost mode when a crash is at monaco just lost an amazing lap time :(
  8. That is why I race with "relaxed rules" turned on. I still get penalized if I do something really dumb, but I am not penalized for stupid AI issues, like getting penalized for blocking when the AI drives into me. Using the "RDD True AI" mod, my recent 100% length race at Monaco went pretty well (no major AI pileups) but there was a number of nasty pileups in practice down at the Lowes hairpin and it would take forever for the AI to sort themselves out and clear the track. So much for Monaco having the best track marshals, at least not in this game. LOL
  9. The stewards needs a rehaul, like when you do your best to avoid a crash and then your engineer says "you have received a 5 grid place penalty, the stewards thought you was at fault" I swear half of the stewards havent got their glasses on lol
  10. if i recall right, someone here posted a race result where only 3 racers registered chequered flag, and the rest DSQ..
  11. Ever came out of the pits and get rammed in the back by the AI and got a penalty?

    I have, it was completely infuriating. I hate this track in the game, it's no fun for me.
  12. I love Monaco, and love the randomness of the AI, ill do a another video of Monaco.

    Ill post in the video section too....

    [RDDev] TrueAI Mod 1.3.

    No assists, manual gears, tire and fuel on, G27 wheel used

    Heres a a full race of Melbourne with the AI Mod from RDD. I recon its one of the best races i have had and i dont have any assists, manual gears. i kinda messed up at the end, but check out all the thrill and spills of the AI, personal i think this is as real as a race could get, check the part 2 for the near miss around 25 secs in, and my fight with alonso at the beginning,,,,,see who comes out worse,

    PART 1

  13. lol nice recovery from the near miss with alonso :D
  14. Yeh i thought i handled that well, what about the near miss with the force india ?
  15. Are you using the "so called" true AI mod? For me, I think the AI are spinning to often with that mod and, maybe I'm wrong, that could be the reason why they are spinning and causing the "pile up" in Monaco.

  16. The mod is fine on other tracks they rarely spin, its just CM not thinking before coding ai and monaco.
  17. This is a terrible AI mod. The AI spins left and right, you spend more time on the grass than on the road, and you finish 7th in a Virgin. WTF.
  18. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    That was version 1.3, you should try the latest one. It is completely rewritten to remove all bugs and is a lot more difficult now. :)
  19. I missed the apex of LA Racasse and overshot it straight but stopped in time to avoid crashing into the wall but before I could reverse out and get going I was hit by Sutil and soon after there was a huge pile up of car behind me...there was no way I could turn and get away. I got black flagged for that