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Tracks Monaco 2013 trackupdate 1.0

Big update for Monaco track

  1. TTM75


    TTM75 submitted a new resource:

    Monaco 2013 trackupdate by TTM - Big update for Monaco track

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  2. Excellent work! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
    very beautifully looks in game!
    You plan to make other tracks?
  3. HUmm. very good. now Bahrein... pls
  4. beauty, thank you
  5. Nice update! monaco 2013 by congratulations for your work, you should give us a tip or a tutorial on how to add signs and advertising, you are the only one that focuses on the reality of the track as well. :thumbsup:
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  6. TTM75


  7. TTM75


    My original plan was to make few more updates, but i don't know anymore. Main reason is Assetto Corsa. :) It's much better game and modding support will better, so....
  8. Greate update!!! It will be nice to see retro versions of Spa, Hungary, Montreal... Can U make this?
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  9. great job mate! continue making friend, you are the best in updates
  10. Loving all these. Hope you do them all :)
  11. :thumbsup: great job, thank you!
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  12. very realistic manifique it lacks the color of the blue seats out of the pool in front of the stand and after the cafe de paris thank you
  13. Sorry about this but can someone please send me the sky, tod.dat, tod.xml from Monaco (if you don't have any day/night mod)? I overwritten my backup with my mod!