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Monaco 100% distance - fuel & tyre sim - driver aids off - Legend Diff

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Andrew Dun, May 31, 2011.

  1. The last couple weeks ive been trying to complete a 100% race of monaco with fuel and tyre sim and all driver aids off, legend difficulty and i gotta say with those settings at this track it is the closest ive been able to get the game feeling realistic, omg it is hard, best i have done so far is about 30 laps in before i put it in the wall. Pushing to the limit every lap to try and keep a gap less than a pitstop to the leaders is a real challenge, i start on the prime to go long and have a very fast car at the end to try and win. I dont know if my strategy is going to work being as i have not even made it half way yet but its a great challenge and im enjoying it greatly.

    Has anyone else tried this race with those AI and driver and sim settings? If so how did you do?

    Im using the Mclaren, GP mode (not career) random grid position

    I found Canada with the same settings and strategy is a amazing race aswell.
  2. I have completed a 100% length Monaco race with minimal aids, but not on legend. I was doing it on Pro AI difficulty level. I was driving at my limit and keeping it out of the walls. But I could not stay on the same lap as the leaders. Late in the race I tried to let one of the leaders pass me, I pulled off the racing line and this other car still ran into me giving me a penalty (stupid game).

    78 laps of Monaco is brutal and we don't have to deal with G-Forces.
  3. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Yes i completed it in career on legend ie no aids in cockpit view I came second behind Button and was pushing him all the way after my pitstop as i did the same strat as you as i almost always do primes first.

    Full force feedback helps loads as you can really feel every bump that is about to make your car light on the rear end.
  4. I agree with this, but man do my wrists ever hurt afterwards!
  5. I plan on doing exactly this for my 1000 subscribers special (if I ever get 1000 lol, 250 to go so if you haven't yet, check out my channel http://www.youtube.com/user/Cadmuss *ends shameless self promo ;) )

    Only difference I will be either using the ai mod set to max difficulty to make it even harder for me, or if I find enough nutters to do it with me may take it online.

    I did do 75% online race in Monaco already, did a 50% just this weekends and got a 40% race in career mode coming up there, tbh I found it fairly straightforward, don't want to sound arrogant, but once you get into a groove this track is just such a joy to drive for me. Didn't even get a yellow wing my last 50% race there.
  6. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    You know ill be there Steve!!
  7. We did this in my championship, fuel sim, tyre sim, all assists allowed though, damages turned on of course, ended up with some drivers disconnecting, the rest of them smashing their cars and ending the race, the only one who survived the full 78 laps was me, i was cruising around slowly as this track is pretty bumpy on some corners and it is easy just to push too hard.

    I managed to win, the 2nd place guy actually crashed on the last lap, how unlucky is that lol.
  8. Sorry but that is way beyond me. Respect. In career mode (or any mode for that matter) I find the AI are almost as fast as they are at Catalunya, they are lightning quick through the tunnel and down the pit straight, on legend difficulty. Does anyone else find this or is it just me?
  9. It's not just you, Monaco is the most difficult track in F1, I'd also go as far to say that it's one of the most difficult in the world, but that's also why it's so famous.

    My first round of career mode, I was really rubbish at the game and using the 40+ replays mod, and about 2 weeks of trying, I still managed to finish in almost last place, this was on easy too!!! My 2nd year, my driving I had improved my skill at driving and I finished in 3rd or 4th or something, also, this was on a higher skill level to easy. However, I didn't have fuel or tyre sim on.

    I started out hating this track, but now I find it one of the most interesting tracks as it's so technical and so very punishing should you make a mistake, which is really not easy to recover from with a 15 point turn!!!

    In TT mode, this track is even more difficult, out of about 50+ attempts, I only managed to score one valid lap, 45/49 of the other laps I kept nicking the trailing outside edge of the hair pin at the bottom of the hill leading to the swimming pool tunnel, turn 6 perhaps, I don't recall the name of it. There is still at least 4s that I know for sure I can easily make up too, if only I could consistently get that hairpin correct!
  10. The great thing for me about this race is that on expert at 100% race distance, because the AI don't use fuel sim, if I start last on purpose I have a tough time chasing down the Saubers and Toro Rosso's in 16th and below.
  11. Thanks for all the responses guys, i tried again last night till my wrists couldnt take it anymore, i have no doubt i can win this race, just dont have the focus to have 110% commitment every lap, the real F1 pilots must be the closest things to machines. I actually got to lap 48 lastnight sitting in 2nd after the 1st round of pitstops chasing down webber who was 5 secs ahead, i was only taking 1 tenth out of him per lap if that. What i find annoying about the circuit in the game is it seems next to impossible to get a run at them coming out of portier to make a pass at nouvelle, you can be right under their gearbox at the hairpin but can never get the power down as good as the AI out of portier, i find the only spot i can make a overtake is at Mirabeau, and to do that i need to start making my run at them at turn 1 and stay under their gearbox until mirabeau. I have also made a couple scary but clean passes at the swimming pool.
  12. I think you are absolutely right, this track is probably the most challenging track in the world. It's almost an impossible track now, with all the judgement being so crucial if you want to go fast, even the slightest correction can end your race, the key is consistency, even if you are a little slower than a crazy lap you've tried, it doesn't matter, if you have the lead in Monaco you shouldn't have any troubles with others passing you. I just can't imagine driving this track in the 60's or 70's.....
  13. With unmodded legend ai the best overtaking spot is actually the swimming pool chicane, they brake much earlier then necessary there and you can quite easily get close stick one up the inside there as they are fairly slow through tabac as well. They are indeed to fast in the tunnel to get a run on them into the nouvelle chicane there.
  14. It can be a disaster though as if your not alongside them then they just turn into you. You have to be 100% committed though otherwise a crash will be inevitable. Mirabeau is a good one as well, I managed to take Button into it after being stuck behind him for 13 laps. *Proud of self* :D. Any attempt in the hairpin is funny though as the game will give you a drive through if you make contact just like real life :tongue:.
  15. I think its hilarious (no offence) that some of you have trouble on this track. I know this track so well from the first racing game I ever put a huge amount of time in, Gran Turismo 3. In that game it was called cote d azur or something like that. The super license last test, you had to run a toyato Gt one race car with no assists and (imo) a terrible setup in a certain time.

    For me, its pretty easy to find a good groove. Legend Ai and I can just do consistent 1:18 - 1:19s all day in career and win the race. As long as my pit strategy its good, I always win.
  16. Its quite hard on a full tank of fuel you know in a Renault to overtake Button. He always gets to big of a gap in the Tunnel and everywhere else I have to brake otherwise I would hit him.
  17. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    For you guys that have done plenty of laps of Monaco, The thing that makes me smile is Hamilton accusing Massa who was in Loews hairpin on full lock just trying to get around of "that was deliberate" when they touched. So Massa had more lock up his sleeve to use just for tightening his turn radius to assault the guy inside him then??
  18. It was the timing of the turn in not the amount. Massa could have turned in slightly later and avoided the collision (but lost the place) if he was kind enough. Wouldn't expect Hamilton to if it had been the other way round though.
  19. funny enough Hamilton did give enough room to Schumacher when he got overtaken at that exact same spot.

    Look at the footage and keep an eye on Webber in front. Webber is still hugging the right barrier going straight when Massa already turns in and he was a car length behind Webber!, obviously reacting to Lewis sticking his nose up the inside.

    Massa must have know that turning in that sharply and that early with another car's nose alongside you would result in inevitable contact. So Hamilton was indeed referring to this very early and unusual turn in when he said Massa turned into me, and imo he was right. Overtakes in Monaco require some sense and cooperation from the lead driver.
  20. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Fair point from: Villain aka Cadmuss aka HerMcDerp aka Steve Stoop.