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Momo wheel set up conflicts

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Eric Nelson, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Hey guy!

    Just loading up RBR and downloading the pathc etc. for RBR 09.

    Trying to set up my MOMO REd wheel in the game and its giving me a conflict message when I select Throttle and Brake seperately. I try to assign the different pedals but it just reads out "Y Axis" for both pedal functions.

    Any suggestions? BTW the menu selection in the controller screen for "Accelerate and brake" ALSO assigns "Y axis"

    Am I screwed now? hope not!
  2. The first obvious question, do you have your Logitech profiler setting set to "Combined Axis", if so you need to uncheck that setting to make sure you have pedals assigned to separate axes.

    Thought I'd better ask this first.

    Also, have you loaded the patch yet, you need it for some controllers to work properly. (The patches are all included in RSRBR09 though).
  3. Warren I'll be sure to check the logitech profiler.

    The patch rsrbr09 is not going well either............I see in the thread that there is a main mod file then like 6 more patches? WOW this should be just bloody delicious to accomplish..........
  4. My Momo wheel seems to off centre its self during a stage in every stage from around 5% - 15% its most anoying hitting Esc every time during a sage
    to correct it.... any advice on this please ?? :)
  5. Lee are you using the ligitech profiler? I actually dumped it after using it a short time as it was useless for my application.....

    MAke sure you don't have a 0 deadzone value?

    other than that, this same thing occurs very rarely to me anymore but was a bit of a nuisance at some point with mine.

    Maybe try unhooking and dumping the recognition / control file and see if you get better results from a clean "install"