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Momo Steering Wheel Settings Please

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by TR6speed, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Well I just received the new F1 2011and I have tried everything to get it to be drivable, but the steering is the worst I have ever had. I first tried to set it to the same setting as I have on the 2010 game, but that was out of the question. I have lowered the force feedback down to almost nothing and the wheel is trill to heavy. It feels that is is always applying force to the right. I have played with all of the Dead Zones, Saturation and so on and still no help. Is it me or is it just another Codemasters issue?
  2. Did you try simply going to track with the defaults before altering settings?

    Also, what are your profiler settings for the wheel in windows?

    Actually, you havent said what platform you are playing on or what settings you are currently using, so you arent really helping anyone to help you here.
  3. be sure you have installed logitech drivers - lgs510_x64

    all I need to do, every time I start the game, go to controls set to logitech momo, then customize my buttons, then set
    all sliders to 0, brake deadzone to 3-4 (it depends how you clean your pedals to :)
    ffb on 60% damping 60% steering 10% wheels

    in logitech profiler, I got all ffbs to 100% checked centere springs but leaved at 0
    and alow game to adjust and ofc separate springs for pedals.

    Like I sad I need to set my momo every time I start the game (ingame) because even if I start the game with controller, it somehow dont use predefined momo sensitivity. But as I have to do it only once its fast.. hope it helps/works :)
  4. filaszbrna: when starting the game and you are aslked to press start, dont press enter on keybord, but pres some button on youre steering wheel...i had to setup the wheel everytime i launched the game and this solved my problem, now the game remebmers everything
  5. you wont belive me, but when you do this your way (wich I know) the wheel sensitivity will be diferent from when you do it my way.. dont test if patch 2 change it but I dont think so..