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Mods with no talent files

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Rixamus Hart, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    I have some really good mods, ETCC79/Touring Masters etc that have no talent files. How will this affect the A.I when racing? Is there a standard A>I calculation in the engine?

    Also, could I just take any old .RCD, edit the driver/team names, then make a folder in 'Gamedata/Talent' and copy them over? What else needs to be done. The Veh file would also need editing to match the talent file? I would then look up driver stats for the seasons and cars and mirror them.

    Thanks for any tips!!

    P.S, why do modders make their mods, at such a high level, then fail to add an rfm/tga and talent files? I will be prepared to upload them with new talents/rfm/tga etc if anyones interested.

    - R
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  2. Without Talent files, you will only get variation in the AI if the individual car models have their own physics, which is not likely.
    So yes, it definitely needs a set of talent files or the cars will run in a tight bunch, with random winners each time.
    Yes you can use any set of talent files and edit the names. Just make sure the spelling of your drivers is an exact match for the veh files.

    PS I agree, there are some excellent mods spoiled by lack of talent files, and some fantastic tracks spoiled by bad AI paths. The usual reason is that modders create these for online racing rather than offline, so they want all cars to be identical, and AI behaviour doesn't matter.
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  3. Thanks Keith! I am just doing that now for the DTM 2013. I just took a random .rcd from V8 Stock, and just took the DTM driver name from .VEH file in DTM, and added that to the new .rcd, then re-named the .rcd to keep in line with GSC syntax, and then for each dtm driver, I took a random driver stat from stock V8 so that they have a range like stock V8. Hopefully this will work out well in a 30 lap race. I will report back actually for anyone reading this who want to do the same :)
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  4. Can anyone explain what a Talent file is/does? I thought it was just a list of names of drivers from a particular season, and had no impact on gameplay.
  5. From the Talent File, here is the data it has; (from Reiza, not a mod)

    Rubens Barrichello

    // Driver stats

    Now compare to this driver;

    Ricardo Zonta

    // Driver stats

    These are the differences, essentially, determines the driver skill overall :)

    To look at them, edit the .rcd with notepad ++

    Hope that helped.
  6. It most definitely has an impact. I recommend you never drive offline without a set of talent files for the car mod you are using. It creates a sensible spread of performance through the grid, and if you are running a season, you will get consistency in your front runners/midfield/tail enders, giving you a more consistent challenge.

    Without talent files, all cars in the mod will drive to the best of their ability, so they will end up in a tight pack with very close lap times, and with random leaders every race.
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  7. I have just tested my talent files, and Woo, they work! I wasn't sure what to call the talent folder, so i just used the syntax i see in the veh file, in my case DTM_2013. I was wandering if the underscore made a difference? I can tell they worked, due to driver performance in a quick practice session for championship. I'm so exited. Racing time soon :D
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