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Modeling cars in F1 2010

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by keygen, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. somebody know something about modeling cars in F1 2010 ?. I want to made 2009 ferrari f1 model but cant find resources :/
  2. modelling a car is done in 3dmax, zmodeler etc ..start off with those programs ....
    I like 3d max alot more , but zmodeler also can have it's advantages ...maybe try that one out , it comes with a decent amount of tutorials and it's for free aswell to start with.
    when you are well on your way to model a car , you can think about getting it into a game.
    The models can be made and put in any game you want ..but aslong as that goes , you'd probably be busy for months getting to tunes with these programs before even thinking about getting it into a game ;-)

    ps: if you want some additional support ..i'm a member of the Historx ModTeam and i'm pretty sure many of the best gamemodellers around are on our forums :

    Wkr and welcome into the world of modelling !
  3. Thank You for reply :)

    Im similar with Zmodeler . In past times, im creating some models to GTA San Andreas. I want to create a Ferrari season 2009 model by little modifiying existing model of F1 2010.

    I don't have a lot experience with 3dMax :/
  4. Help for Modeling a car (or any parts) for F1 2010.

    Also I have the same question. I'm new of this forum. I'm an Italian F1 2010 player. Sorry for myEnglish. So I Think i will use Zmodeler, if this is the best choice. Thanks..