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Modding Requests Thread

Discussion in 'MotoGP 13 Mods' started by jose46, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Hey Buddys. Anyone know how to open the files .mix to edit something in this game?
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  2. Thank you so much!;)
  3. I have a problem, when I create the file .mix, and change this for the original in the game folder, my game crash :( and observed file size change much, double. I'm not change any file .dds, only compress and uncompress mixs. Sorry for my bad english.
  4. Hello, jose46.
    Mixfile ReMixer is a simple tool with UI and it is not so hard to master how to use it.
    I'll write a small tutorial about how to use it if I can.
    Please give me a little more time :)
  5. Hey Tommi-TAG!,

    Nice to see you on here!, I had a few discussions with you on nogripracing!.

    Anyway, to my question, in using the mix file remixer, is it fully compatible with MotoGP 13?
    Have you used this program with MotoGP 13?

    I know how to use the program as I used it for WRC3 for changing various car liveries. Would the remixer have an effect on other files if you were to use it in MotoGP 13 for editing bike textures?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated mate!

  6. Hello, mmpaw.
    Nice to see you here too and thanks for your message :)

    I'm now trying several mods for "MotoGP 13" too. And as far as I've tested so far, we can use Mixfile ReMixer (Ver.0.1.6) for "MotoGP 13" without problem.

    Here is a screenshot of Casey Stoner livery for MotoGP 2013 season, converted from "2012 Top riders" liveries with small format changes.


    Main liveries are packed in "MOTOGP.MIX" "MOTO2.MIX" and "MOTO3.MIX" and I think you'll soon be able to find the textures.
    Hope this helps and glad to share the information :)
    Cheers !
  7. Ok;) That would be great. I would like to have the Rossi Helmet in carrer mode and maybe i realise a Marco Simoncelli in Honda again ;)
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  8. is it possible to have a dainese suit for the career?and the tech 3 yamaha black as it is in real?
  9. The bikes and suits textures of each class are in MOTOGP.MIX, MOTO2.MIX and MOTO3.MIX.
    And once you unpack these MIX files, you'll be able to browse and edit the textures which you want :)
  10. hey Tommi, I'm also trying to edit the tech 3 Yamaha to make it black, not a dark grey as it is at the moment, however being the massive noob at modding that i am i have no idea which textures i have to change or which bike it is on the file names, you wouldn't happen to know what i need to change would you?
  11. Hi, Alex.
    I'm planning to make a list of which team is which folder.
    But I have to check each folder one by one and need some more time.
    Please unpack MOTOGP.MIX and you'll be able to find Tech 3 Yamaha liveries (**.DDS) in the following folder.


    Open BIKE006.DDS with your editor and edit it as you like it :)
  12. cheers, thats saved me a hell of a lot of time, thanks! :D
  13. Glad to be of help :)
  14. strange, when i repacked the mix file and put back into the directory the game crashed when i tried to load the bike saying there was damage to the mix file
  15. This is exactly the case (Unpack and Repack "MOTOGP.MIX") which I explained in the Tutorial of Mixfile ReMixer.


    Please read this tutorial carefully and follow the steps one by one.
    Hope you'll be able to solve the problem :)
  16. I'll wait hopefully for good news from you :)
  17. WOOO, complete success :), although i did do it the easy way and just edited the brightness so it was darker overall, still its good enough for me, thanks again for your help, i would've been clueless otherwise :thumbsup: