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Modding Questions Thread

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by Simon Roberts, Nov 14, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone know how to edit cameras? I want to create a video from inside the car which is like a video camera on the roll bar.
  2. Enable dev apps: steamapps/common/assettocorsa/system/cgf assettocorsa.ini. Set enable_dev_apps to 1. (God, I am so tired of typing that sentence now :D)

    One of the apps is something like cocpit settings (not ingame atm) and lets you move the cockpit camera pretty much where you want.
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  3. Yeah already tried that one thanks, I noticed there was an app called camera editor but it does nothing.

    I'm sure the other way you suggested ends up with the driver with no head?
  4. Yes. I know what you mean now, and I want that too.
  5. I tried photo editor but obviously that makes static can and as soon as in pause the car drives off lol.
  6. Might be able to move the cam in one of the .ini files.
  7. Like this?

  8. Similar yes, wanted it more to right and slightly angled to the left a big so can see driver slightly too (helmet etc).
  9. Turning left/right is the only thing you cant seem to do in the 'onboard settings' app as far as i can see.
    So yes I guess a camera file may have to be edited to be able to achive that extra adjustment.
  10. Gundars

    Pedal to the metal Premium Member

    Hey guys, is there any chance to remove steering wheel from cocpit view ,like in Race 07?
  11. Stelios

    Premium Member

    Not yet but you will be able to soon :)
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  12. Re
    Remove wheel or set cameras?
  13. Stelios

    Premium Member

    Remove wheel :D
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  14. Yeah we already discussed that one further up mate.
  15. Hi, I am very new to Assetto Corsa, and to this forum, so very sorry if this is the wrong place for this post.
    I am searching for New cars for Assetto Corsa, all I can find so far are Skins for existing cars.
    Does any one know if there are any New cars, MG, Jaguar etc.
    Thanks, Brian
  16. Hi people cant currently model cars to release in the beta, only official AC released cars are available atm
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  17. CCX

    AC Physics: Mini | Koenigsegg One:1

    When v1.0 is released (we're on 0.7 at the moment, so not long), the modding tools will also be released which allows new user-created cars and tracks to be added to the game.
    There are plenty of WIP cars to look forward to though, including the one in my avatar. :D
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  18. Good news!
  19. I really appreciate the work guys put in to make these cars and tracks available for the community.
    I do see a slight issue though with identifying already installed versions vs newly released ones.
    It becomes very difficult to tell if you have the latest version, simply because no readme exist.
    It's especially difficult if the upgraded version has the exact name as the new installed.
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