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Mod pack Brasil 2 update 1.1 - PIRELLI TIRES & PITSTOP SIM. 2012

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by vlasovas, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
    on my blog the photos are larger and you can see the effect much better​
    1.1 (need version 1.0)​
    - New pirelli tires to wear extremely realistic as never seen before and different for each tire of the mod, including a version with markings (Q2)​
    - New database option with the simulation pitstop, similar to the 2012 season​
    - New logo submission fixed not bugs in color​
    - Advertisements of tracks transformed to 2012, except for istanbul and nurburgring​
    - New balancing performance of similar to monaco and canada, equivalent to 2012 based on the 1.2 game update​
    - Languages ​​updated for 19 and 20 tracks Eng, English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, PT BR, Polish ( not good, merge with the texts of Tomek )​
    - Real Weather 3 in 3 spray options and a choice of water droplets​
    - Light Glow improved​
    Alex SF-1950​
    my daughter Natasha​
    Dani Yonamine​
    My Mother​
    Mr PIBB's​
    RDDev Team​
    Adrenaline Forums​
    F1 Community​
    - You must have version 1.0 installed, this update contains only fixes in the texts, tires, weather, simulation tire changes, and some more changes on the tracks​
    - For the simulation stops, save your tires, avoid frying them on the floor, the car reaches the scheduled pit stop, but at a high stage of wear, but keeps competitive​
    Simulation pitstop - Kadosh54, vlasovas​
    Extra Tracks and podiums - Reddvers​
    Tires, Weather, ART Menus, Language, AI, Database, Editing and some fixes - Vlasovas​
    Kadosh54, vlasovas​
    Carefully read all the clues and database options to avoid crashes in your game, select only the options associated with the tracks you chose in the database fields.​
    Place the two files that you downloaded the mediafire in the same folder, then open only the first file (which has the extension .001) with 7zip (do not use winrar will not work), extract the mod, and then follow the steps below, if you downloaded the single file of dropbox then not need the files mediafire, just extract (winrar in this work) and follow the steps below ( not needed Serial in this update )​

    not extract only in the game folder, there are many optionsin the mod that only can be installed using the program MGMM, little confusing, but practical, to learn to use it you will go to use it much in their games since he creates the back-up to the mod automatically​

    Ryde25 Home Page

    if you want only the tires:​
    extract mod, and go to "MOD PACK BRASIL 2 UPDATE 1\MISC\PIRELLI" that you find the two options without installing tires​

    Save fix: only replace in the system folder but back up, flow.bin original file is found there


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  2. Wow, looks really stunning! Thanks for the update & for sharing ;)
  3. thanks, Vlasovas.:cool:
  4. great job! looks very very good!
  5. hey great job on the tyres could we only have the link for them please . im not to keen on 2012 mods for this game
  6. Very good job mate thanx for the Mod
  7. Great work Vlasovas, thank u very much!
  8. Thx vlasovas, that is very very good!!!!:thumbsup:

    I have vers.1 and now i want this update but there is these Message :

    "Error (509)
    This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!"
  9. mydriaz

    Premium Member

    This mod looks great but impossible to download cause of too much traffic (Error 509)
  10. In an attempt to avoid the problems of installation of another mod I have only single file to uploaded, but apparently no way, I will divide into two, and upload in mediafire, but I'm at work now, only at home
    If someone who has download, to post on another server without limit for me and give me link by mp, I fix, and I will give one, two new wear, I will use the mod next year
  11. Is somebody able to reupload these file , please !!!
  12. Mediafire Links added, I kept the link to the dropbox in three days he returns to work
  13. You are so great, man !!!! Thank you very very much !!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  14. BIG ONE and " PORRETA"

  15. missed the button to delete duplicate posts, so I made the idiocy below, I'm not crazy ... perhaps a little
  16. I thank all of you, and sorry for the problem of links, I tried to help by uploading a single file, since many were unable to join the parts with 7zip in mod base, but I did not know the problem with dropbox, then it is in 2 parts again, I have a 3-day internet here at home, after that I'll be without internet, but I'll answer questions as soon as possible, for me, takes more work to publish the mod, and the photos, what do the mod with the terrible internet I have at home, I needed help kadosh54 (la Plata) to post the mod, I think this is my last mod for this year. is a pity, I not have done these tires before, I had personal problems, but better late than never
    you just download the mod, extract and go to "MOD PACK BRASIL 2 UPDATE 1\MISC\PIRELLI" that you find the two options without installing tires are 2012, not 2011 unless you do not care in using the wrong season