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Skins Mobil1 Mclaren Honda 2015 Fictional Skin 1.0

fictionary skin from the mclaren honda team

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  1. Fantastic friend very thanks
  2. Can you make a whole McLaren Honda team ?? With Alonso as 1st driver and Button as 2nd, with logo of McLaren Honda, skin, pit crew ???
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2014
  3. version 1.0 will include that
  4. thanks. btw can you change driver names because there is picture of Alonso and he's called Button, please
  5. yes, I have a problem with that, but don't worry, I WOULD ARRIVE!!! ;)
  6. also if you could put Vettel in Ferrari in place of Alonso and Kvyat in Red Bull 2nd driver. that would be awsome, and if you could do 2015 mod including all teams like on this website http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2015-f1-season/drivers-teams/ that would be perfect
    btw I know i'm asking for a lot of work but that could be awsome
  7. great idea!!!, v1.0 have that ;)
  8. LuskRacer

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    looks very cool and a good addition to the game.
  9. i think i can help you with renaming drivers and team. you need to use ''Ryder Language Editor'' then after renaming drivers and teams in this program it will excist in the game. no prob bro
  10. inbox
  11. well i actually am new to this wbsite so i don't know how to send messages and even how to write a comment
  12. 4f7c58ab23db9.png
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  13. LOL, nah, don't worry, it's actually very simple ;)
  14. hey tomymamani can you tell me how to change driver pictures ?? also what program i have to use and can you send me link to it, please ??