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MMG 2007 PE and CTDP 2006 Mod

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by nali007, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. Just my opinion

    Both have done a great job, there time and effort are well appreciated..to give us a free mod..

    Personally I like the MMG better, the incar sound, the cars, grip.. just AWESOME

    I just wish I knew how to make the AI more real.. gotto find how .. any help?

    The Mod I really really am waiting for is the F1 GTR EVO one ...

    Thanks MMG
  2. Imo. The CTDP feels more "alive", its like a mod between the Singtel Formula 1 sim for NetKar Pro and the MMG mod. And it has a very interesting tire temperature simulation because in this mod, "graining" acctualy exists.

    I give CTDP 5 out of 5 toasters xD
  3. +1 CTDP06 just blows any over F1 mod / game out the water realism wise , just my opionion though :)
  4. I guess I need to run more to feel the "graining" effect, I did feel the AI is better in CTDP, can you recommend AI setting?
  5. MMG is easier.

    CDTP is definitely better for graphics, details and physics.

    Just my 2 bucks...
  6. CTDP is much better but harder. They put much more work in their mod than MMG imho.

  7. One question about the tire model of CTDP06. When I'm doing offline racing, I typically set the number of laps to 1/3 of the real distance and all factors to 3. Today I recognized that - despite this factor - I only had 4-6% tire wear after 6 laps on Monza (checked with MoTec). The ingame display of tire conditions showed a comparable wear.

    My impression is that the factor of 3 is not really working. Can anyone confirm my observations??? Thanks in advance!