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Missing participation (de)confirmations

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolai Nicholson, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. It is now 6 days ago since the race director asked who was participating in the Melbourne race, and the following have not replied:

    Cristian Di F

    Like most I have several e-mail addresses, 1 work e-mail and two private. The work email and one of the private once I check several times a day, while the second private one is a backup address that I use for stuff where I am worried about spam or stuff like that.

    My point is that I would have considered using my secondary private e-mail here at Presto GP, but it would result in me being slow in responding (and probably also failing to respond from time to time). Therefore I use my main address for thise purpose to ensure that I am able to respond promptly.

    I do not know why 9 drivers have not responded, but I suspect that for many of you it is because you use an e-mail address that you do not check very often.

    I would like to ask everybody that are using an e-mail address that they do not check daily to swap to one that they do. That way communications will go much more smoothly and the Race Director's job will become easier.
  2. Tim McIver

    Tim McIver
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Sorry, email sent.
  3. sorry, I did not understand the question

    I unfortunately can not participate on Wednesday, I will do when a race is scheduled just a week after the first, because I work until 22:00 on Wednesdays every two weeks. On the other Wednesday, I finished my job at 20:00, so it will be ok.
  4. Basically, the Race Director will send out an e-mail in good time before each race and ask who will (or will not) join the race. What he wants is for all the participants to reply as soon as they can and tell him if

    a) They are going to be there well prepared
    b) That they are not able to show
    c) That they do not presently know if they can make it or not.

    This way the Race Director will have full control over the line up, and can at an early stage let drivers on waitinglists know if they can join or not :) (we are 26 drivers eligeble for the race).

    EDIT: Fabrice, did you receive the e-mail from the Race Director with the subject "Post Watkins and Melb. signup" 6 days ago?
  5. no i don't nicolai

    sorry but i'm not shure to undustand very wel the google translate.... :(
  6. A lot of the official information is done through e-mail correspondence between the drivers and Race Director. Did you receive an e-mail 1 week ago from the Race Director?
  7. no e-mail last week
  8. Mail sent. Sorry for being so late to reply, I came back from vacation and I'm still jet lagging..