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MINI WRC Physics and Setup

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Warren Dawes, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Great to see the MINI added in both WRC and S2000 Classes.
    The sound is great, the model looks good, but what happened to the handling of the WRC MINI?

    In my first test drive at Rally School, as soon as it hits the first water ford, the rear end bounces so badly into the air that it nearly rolls end over end. The rear end is like a pogo stick. :( The VW doesn't do that at all.
    Looking at the MINI setup under Tuning, the suspension looks very unusual.

    If anyone manages to sort out a descent setup for the MINI WRC, I'd appreciate some help.
  2. I found another thing that's very strange on it. On the Differential Torques, the Front Diff have a very strange value: 5000.000000 Nm, and you can't change it :/, the default for the Polo and others is 500-600, so having 5000.00000 it's too strange. On the same section " Differential Torques" the Handbrake Release is set to 100% (usually is 0%) and the Left Foot Braking Theresold is set to 0% (usually is 5%) and you can't change these too. And the exact same thing is happening to the DS3 WRC 2011 and Fiesta RS WRC 2011. So, the only car that's "GOOD" is the Polo R WRC.
    On the MINI S2000 is a different story: the Front Diff have 5000 (without the other 0's) but you CAN change it. The handbrake Release is set to 100% and the Left Foot Braking Theresold is set to 0% too, but you CAN change.

    I think that this needs a fix :(

    EDIT: Also, on the same cars: MINI WRC, DS3 WRC 2011 and Fiesta RS WRC 2011 you can't hit full rev, it stops 4-5 squares before the end. And on the MINI S2000 it stops 2-3 squares before.
  3. I'm not too concerned with the Diff settings, that seems consistent with the other A8W11 cars, and is the same as the S2000 Peugeot I drove in the RDRC. I never change Diff settings anyway. I think the revs are just limited to lower values, again, not too worried about that. It seems to perform ok in most areas and pretty competitive with other A8W-11 cars, it's just the crazy suspension that is troubling me. I've spent some time now fiddling with suspension settings and just can't stop the pogo stick reaction at the fords. All I can do is to go slow through them, or it just bounces off the road.

    The Polo certainly is waaaay better and seems to be more similar to the older WRC08 cars.

    I need advice on how to set the suspension up for those nasty fords. Any help appreciated from our setup experts, PLEASE????
  4. I think it is because the new 2011 regulations for the WRC cars had no center diff and so no adjustment to the torque for front/rear diffs, and the mini is not great on gravel but practically a gocart in right hands... also the mini's rear bounces high due to elongated chassis.. which the drivers were not happy with.. i think the new update01 (Also starring *** Evo X, and 350Z in the new cars list :) ) is going to do the same to all the new regulations cars... also did u guys notice the polo had just 5gears, where as the new regs demands 6speed.
  5. oh yeah, never mind,these WRC's don't have Center Diff. lol

    And, about the setups: I'm definitely not an expert but I've just started playing a bit with the setups. I came up with this: http://www.mediafire.com/?hz40fzyk4cuk3ss . It isn't THAT good but at least looks better than the original.
    It is sliding a bit more though so be careful.

    Can tune it up according to feedback.
    Hope it helps.

  6. It looks like it isn't about setups.

    Quote from fra81 from RallyeSim:
    "there is an error on the Physics of Mini WRC, it will be corrected as soon as practicable before the start of WRC championship."
  7. I hereby express "Dohohohoho"?

    No wonder it seems to have the described physics of a rubber ball:p
  8. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    I tested the S2000 at Falstone, it felt very slidy, lazy didn't like it, it is a good car but the slides make you loose time
  9. Thanks Chelton, for a while there I thought I had lost any ability to set up these cars. This one had me totally stumped. :eek:
    Thanks for your setup, I'll give it a try and let you know.
  10. Chelton, I tried your setup and it is definitely an improvement regarding the "pogo" effect. However, it sure looks ugly sitting so high on the ride height, and other parts of the handling become a bit ungainly as a result.
    I tried many more setups looking for a compromise, but I've given up for now. And I was so looking forward to driving the MINI in our opening Rally Club Event, but sadly, I'll leave it garaged, it will only try to kill me. :(

    I looked closely at the replay comparing it to the Polo and the DS3, and you can see that the MINI suspension hardly moves, it seems very rigid, whereas the others seem to work nicely absorbing the severe bumps. The rear end of the MINI seems almost locked, even with very soft rear suspension settings.
    Lets hope Rallyesim can fix it soon for us. Strangely, the S2000 MINI doesn't seem to suffer the same issue.

    EDIT: I gave it one last go, foolishly trying to drive Noiker with a MINI WRC, it turned into an embarrassing joke, almost impossible to complete the stage (in fact I didn't, gave up in embarrassment :oops: ).
  11. Hi people - Just installed RSRBR and all the current updates and I seem to have a very bouncy mini too, as described here. Was this physics problem ever rectified?