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Mini Cooper - Istanbul 06

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Stephen Morris, Mar 18, 2007.

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  1. The Istanbul Speedpark is a newly constructed circuit, which means the surface is mostly nice and smooth and it has everything in modern equipment surrounding the track... but don't think it will be an easy ride just because of that!

    It features steep elevation changes and lots of challenging corner combinations for the drivers and cars. The "Turn 8" complex is already becoming legendary with it's 4 apex full throttle experience, this is a place where nerves of steel can win you an advantage.

    The track layout sports an interesting mix of tight and blind corners and very fast sweeping corners, making this a track where finding the best possible setup for your car can be a team engineers nightmare. It is a very tough track to be consistently fast on as you are never allowed to find an easy rythm. Winning here will be a rewarding experience.

    Despite it's relative short history this track has already hosted races in all the major motorsports series already, DTM, MotoGP, WTCC, F1, FIA GT & LMS to name some.



    2:17.585 Sax
    2:17.677 henY
    2:17.896 Neo[RPM]

    2:18.025 Gio
    2:18.139 Baron-Rouge[BZH]
    2:18.253 #46Vale
    2:18.342 Rickard[RC]
    2:18.363 Vopee[RPM]
    2:18.596 WOOFER[RPM]
    2:18.713 David Carcia

    2:19.289 Warren[RPM]
    2:19.325 Syltas Grabb
    2:19.352 Canuck[BZH]
    2:19.549 Siggsy
    2:19.723 Robbe[RPM]

    2:20.125 Scyp[RPM]
    2:20.850 RaceHearT[RPM]
    2:20.224 WAKUWAKU[RPM]
    2:20.451 DJCuth
    2:20.594 JimbobQ[RPM]

    2:21.294 Jeffsan[BZH]
    2:22.262 Mulan0
    2:22.068 szefo[RPM]
    2:23.560 Wido[RPM]
    2:24.004 Ivan (NOR)
    2:25.178 mallerd
  2. 2:18.743 henY - Mini Challange #13
  3. 2:18.424
  4. update:

  5. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    2.20.594 In Race Conditions :)
  6. 2:18.686

    Oh my god i just noticed, that the power of the Mini-engine falls back when the gear number turns red. I changed them too late all the time...

  7. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    bah why heny why! Lmao Get a 2,17 and i will see you in horizion by lap 3 :)
  8. 2:18.050

    edit: 2:17.677

    Green Wonder just striked back :p
  9. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

  10. looool

    i just practised today with the race setup, could manage til 2:18.0 also, so looking forward for the races... :)
  11. 2.18.342 Rickard #2
  12. Up to date!! :)
  13. 2.19.200 Syltas Grabb - #25
  14. 2:18:450 here...
  15. 2:18.3xx #46Vale - #25
  16. Wonder what your sector times are. :) for a 2:17.xxx :wink:
  17. Hi,

    2:19.690 Canuck[BZH] Mini#3 quali server.

    edit: 2:18.921 off-line
  18. 2:18.1 on RPM qualy server, on another lap was 0.4 sec faster after first sector, but fock..d up after... trickz track, gonna be an interesting race! :)
  19. S1: 0:58:750, S2: 1:36:657, S3:2:17:825

    Update ;)

    S1: 0:58:614, S2: 1:36:488, S3: 2:17:585 :p
  20. In the last sector i am loosing 0.5 sec, i had sector times 58.7, 1:36.7 and 2:18.1....
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