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Mods Mike Rimmer / Steve Turvey - MANX International Rally 1990 1.5.1

BMW E30 M3 Evo Rally

  1. Hi.
    I didn't know that the RAMPAGE logo is copyrighted. The one I used, I did from scracht but used yours as a template. The only thing I can do is to change RAMPAGE logo to something else... Livery stays as it is, beacuse I did it from scratch.

    Best regards,
  2. Good evening,
    I just spoke with Mr RACER 11, which give you well my record for the BMW.
    I just opened the files and superimpose the two images, and I recognized only some of my logos are similar to millimeter ready !!!
    Proof that it just my files.

    Ps you ètes the third in which Mr RACER 11, asked to do this deco.
    a version is still on Racedepartement (Original).
    in my file there © well for my 3 versions he had downloaded on my website.


    Google translation
  3. As I said. I can change RAMPAGE logo to something else. But in the future I will do my own version. The livery which I created stays on RD and I will not remove it

    Best regards,
  4. Thank you
    I permeterai me to publish three versions that Mr RACER 11 ask me to do.

    Of course with the files overlays copies so my logos "RAMPAGE" stay with my ©


    the dose