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Helmets Mick Schumacher Helmet by talisman 1.0

Michael's son's helmet with monster energy sponsorship

  1. Nice! :)

    A little Question, it is possible to give the Helmet a other Driver? Like when I want him to drive for Ferrari or something? :)
  2. hello, I replaced the files but when I go to start a new career I can not find a helmet, what should I do?
  3. The helmet is not shown in the menu, just make sure you select the first helmet (top left), then set the colors to red, green, blue
  4. Hi, I replaced this helmet with my own helmet but when I race this helmet still shows up. Any ideas?
  5. hello, How did you replace the helmet, which files did you replace? the mimpmaps or incardriver.erp?
  6. mipmaps
  7. You will need to replace gen_01_helmet_d.tga and gen_01_helmet_s.tga inside incardriver.erp to get rid of the old helmet. import DDS textures using EEA
  8. ok thanks so much
  9. i'm using noesis to import the helmet_s.tga and it keeps saying an interger is required
  10. Use Erp Archiver for incardriver.erp, Noesis is only used to open not import .mipmaps files
  11. yeah I just figured that out lol
  12. Hello, first of all thank you for all the effort you put in this, second of all, how hard is it to import helmets from old games(e.g. F1 2014)? And last, if I only can do Photoshop stuff really good, on a scale from 1 to 10 how hard is it to change my helmet?
  13. To import helmets for f1 2016 you'll need ERP archiver, first go to settings and set f1 2016 directory. Here are how to import helmets from f1 2014:

    1. Export the textures using Ryder PSSG editor for f1 2014, Ego Erp archiver for f1 2015
    2. Save the texture in this format: .dds DXT1 no alpha. DXT5 interpolated alpha used by f1 2014/5 won't work properly in 2k16
    3. Open incardriver.erp in: F1 2016/asset_groups/animation_package/scenes/incardriver/2016
    4. You should be able to find a bunch of helmet textures (hit the search box to sort them out), import the helmet texture into the helmet you want to replace.
    5. When prompted, select the corresponding .mipmaps file with the same name to save
    6. Don't forget to save theincardriver.erp itself after saving mipmaps file.
  14. It's relative how hard to change or edit helmets if that's what you mean. For me it was a huge challenge at first, I got better after doing so many and familiriazed myself with the structure.

    8 hard if you're planning on a detailed changes, however, I think it's still fairly easy to do simple designs.
  15. Thanks for the answer, can I change the helmet of each driver including myself?

    I thought of taking a helmet for the base and add fonts or change colors
  16. Yes you can, all helmets including real drivers' can be edited.
  17. How can I open mipmaps files? Which program
  18. No need to open mipmaps files, EEA will combine them together when exporting textures and vice versa when importing.