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Metal Gear Solid is coming out on the Xbox 360

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ben Tusting, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRm4EiCJRLU[/ame]

    It's also coming out on the Pc, PS3

    :woop: :woop:

    Raidennnnnnnnnnn :)

  2. You're quick :p

    Yes, the femininist RoboCop finally gets his own game, and It's multi platform which is cool. Would love to get MGS for the PC, Only MGS2 and MGS1 ever came onto the PC before. The gameplay is going to be completely different, implied by the subtitle "Lightning Bolt Action" (stupid or what?) as oppose to "Tactical Espionage Action". Could this be a Devil May Cry ripoff? I hope not...

    "Raiden... Is BACK!"
  3. I found Metal Gear Solid 5 the most boring piece of rubbish ive ever played. Its just like a movie where u have to press a button every now and then.
  4. MGS5?

    There is no MGS5 yet. I presume you mean MGS4.
    And I don't know what difficulty you were ont, but I was pressing a lot of buttons for 10+ hours.
  5. Yep me too, and it was the best game i ever played, Hideo is my god!!!:th_wink:
  6. He sits on God's head, While Jesus and Mary sit in God's hands :D
  7. MGS 4 was an awesome game. All Metal Gears have been awesome games and i expect this 1 to be the same :good: