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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Kyle Kaiser, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Is there anyone that could organise the forum a bit? :p

    Sticky current events, archive past, etc.

    My eyes do backflips when I click this forum. :D
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  2. I think the lack of subforums make it a bit messier than it has to be.

    Myself is a stickler for conformity and I guess we could improve on how we name and organize posts.
    A good thing would be to give some tips on how we should do this.
    I know Nico is doing a one-man job in the forum and has done a stellar job so far.

    Maybe we could have a naming convention like this:

    INCIDENT REPORT: race 1 - season 10
    RACE REPORT: race 1 - season 10
    DRIVERS MEETING - race 1 - season 10

    These could be stickied during the actual week of race, then unstickied when the next race is current.

    Should be stickied:

    FOR NEW MEMBERS - (should be merged with General Info thread )
    SEASON 10 - important! (should contain just dates, link to skin thread and link to setup thread)

    SETUPS SEASON 10 - should have a forum moderator that updates first thread as members post setups
    ( A headline for the actual race - then setups following beneath)
    ( I would be happy to do this if i get some administrator rights)
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  3. As Henrik sais there are limitations to our forum: There is no sub-forum, only threads, posts and the abillity to sticky. In other words we have only two categories availeble to us:

    -The sticky threads are the "back-ground info" (which I am afraid is a bit of a patch work), including the general discussion of the season.

    -The unsticky are only relevant at the current time, and as they get ready for "archeiving" they will sink down the page and eventually to page 2. 100% maintanance free.

    You'll find that all relevant threads are on page 1, and usually on the upper half. And soon it will only be the threads in bold that requires your attention :)

    Thank you, you are too kind :)

    I think it is better with what we got: Season 10 - Race 2 - Silverstone - Incident report. Everything (replay and result files, forum threads, setups, skins) at PrestoGP is organised by season number, then race number, then content. And not just this season, but for 10 seasons.

    If you want to have a sticky thread for the setups of season 10, or other things like that, you can create your own thread where you can link to the relevant threads and I'll sticky it for you :).

    I'll look into your suggestions around the excisting sticky threads :thumbsup:
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  4. I agree the way it is now suits perfect.:thumbsup: - was just tossing ideas.
    Will try the setup for setups and see if it at all makes things better.
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  5. Only thing i can think of that could improve the readability is the stickies order. IMHO, General info and new league members threads should be on top then MyDrive / skins Threads should be merged since both are mainly for skins. It's just more clear when the treads you need to read first are at the top and forum discussion threads are continuous. It should lead from general discussion to next race threads seamlessly and the natural posting order should keep the hot topics, ie next race / last race threads in order.

    EDIT: MyDrive thread needs to be cleaned to bare minimum, it's not up to date and is still referred as main skin download location. Unsticky the current one, make new MyDrive thread with one page, stickied and locked. Season 10 uses mostly skins that are on NoGrip so maybe it can keep it's own thread but does it need to be stickied as most skins are already submitted? Skinpack and a link in the general Info should take care of that. If anyone has all skins installed maybe he can upload it to MyDrive as zip... Just suggesting here, no need to register and login to two sites for a simple skinpack that should be one-click-download-link, no redirects. I can put it in my cloud storage, it's paid premium forever-acco and uses direct links.
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  6. I cannot arrange the order of the stickies, they are arranged automatically the same way as the rest of the threads, the one with the newest post on top and so on.

    MyDrive is the main skin download location, and if you want all the skins (aka skinpack) you just download the folder in one easy move.

    The Season 10 skins sticky thread I will soon unsticky and it will disappear in the abyss of our forum.
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  7. Do these forums have no option for Announcements?
  8. That's too bad, well nothing anyone can do about it then. MyDrive thread still needs a clean up or renewal, there so much unnecessary stuff from seasons past ;) It could be that since i still haven't figured how to download folders from MyDrive i've been wanting for one simple zip file.

    That's quite a small change so everything is as good as it can be in this forum.
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  9. All information needed should be in the first post of the mydrive thread. I just added the point that you should have java installed, although mydrive will tell you this anyway. Once you try it out you'll find it is both easy and very conveniant and much better than a conventional skin pack.

    It would of course be much smoother and even easier if everybody had uploaded their skin as a folder with their name and/or team name, but I cannot do more than to encourage everybody politely to do so :) (It is never too late for all you rar and zip people)

    Not that I know of. But I don't really know what an announcement is, as I am no forum expert.
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  10. By the way Kyle, I just noticed that you have not registred at PrestoGp.com yet, which it sais you need to do in the New League Member thread. We need that for your time to appear on the time sheet :thumbsup:
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