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Skins Mercedes W05 HD 1.1

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  1. I'm a new, how can I delete my mod?
  2. Check your post. I have replied you
  3. I know I just put this question as many places as I can to make sure I'll get anwser
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  4. despite of the limitations that Merc have, not bad :D
    but where's the AMG Hybrid logo?
  5. This is the old render, you will see it in the game
  6. realitychecked


    Ehh... the specocc has no absolute relatedness with the actual skin. And the Petronas logos are still wrong and it's missing their background gradients, which you only used for the sidepods.
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  7. Thanks for the comment :)
  8. I really like you car, will you fix the specocc?
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  9. I'll see :)
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  10. That'd be great!
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  11. I installed the skin. Now my F12013 wont start. Error 41.
    Can anyone send me the original files of merc?

    Nvm. The problem was caused by something else.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2014
  12. I believe that your specocc is still slightly incorrect with the front of the car. The Petronas logo on the front of the car is smaller than the petronas logo on the specocc. This creates a outline of the logo where it shouldn't be.

    I downloaded your mod after the update. Maybe it's just me I am very picky about the parts of the car I can see while racing. Could you be able to fix it please? I really like the skin but this just seems to find a way to get on my nerves. Thanks f1_2013_2014_07_01_15_20_56_573.jpg
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2014
  13. The truth is I don't know how to make the speccoc for the car :( But I'll try to learn and now, I will have to ask somebody else ) @Henky SA or @Milos Ancevski . Can you guys help me ?
  14. It's fine, I just read the update that you fixed the specocc, an thought u may have missed this section, everywhere is looks good as far as I can tell.
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  15. Thanks
  16. I don't have my "gaming"-PC here right now, so I can't test it but I am curious since I really love this skin:

    Did I get it right, is the specocc fixed now?
  17. No, not yet
  18. The speccoc is fixed. I will upload it when i have my computer with me.
    Does anybody play F1 2013 these days?