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Helmets Mercedes Monster Energy Helmet 2.1

Helmet was completely remade,and this time it has a nice Carbon look.

  1. David Katona submitted a new resource:

    Minimal Monster Energy Helmet - My first helmet.i think it looks pretty cool.

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  2. i've never liked to saw Monster sponsor in F1 stuff
  3. Bring it haters ...
  4. realitychecked


    No other pics? Just the top of the helmet? You're not helping.
  5. Its look good your helmet, you did a great job lol, but i dont know why people over use Monsters sponsor...
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  6. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    What was your latest awesome mod contribution to the community? If you cannot say anything constructive than say nothing at all please as such comments really don't motivate people to create FREE work for others.
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  7. I'm sorry if the community doesn't like it.this was my first ever (try) to create a helmet.I know it's not perfect,but I just learned yesterday how to use PSSG editor.I know photoshop pretty well,through.Please leave a feedback,so I'll know what you want me to change.If you don't like this helmet,then simply don't download it.
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  8. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    Looks perfectly fine to me. Thanks :)
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  9. Looks nice! Can you also make it black or carbon with the monster logo?
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  10. however, you ignored my work ...
  11. Ramm, I think the job is, when somebody puts their best effort in on making a helmet for the first time & are brave enough to share it with the community, wether or not it suits your tastes, the job is to encourage them not shoot them down. A positive forum breeds a positive outlook & may encourage him to do more modding. One day he might have the skills of ML, but not if random people are so obtuse as to rubbish any individual effort put into the game...

    Keep going David, send us another helmet. Your skills will only increase each time you come up with a new one. ;)
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  12. Thanks @Mhicleoid ....I think I will delete this helmet from RD,and make one with Mercedes or Lotus.
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  13. Hello david and hello has all

    I say bravo, people who criticize do not know the work made above..

    Send you the netx update please ,Monster energy is a big sponsor of motor sports ;)
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  15. Already working on the new one...there will be to versions

    -Carbon Monster
    -Scratched Monster

    I think I will add some F1 Sponsor to it,like Pirelli or TOTAL,but this will be hard work.....I think it will be ready for tomorrow!
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  16. Helmet Updated! I deleted the scratch version.Now it is a nice and cool carbon helmet :)
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  17. David Katona updated Mercedes Monster Energy Helmet with a new update entry:

    Update 2.1 - Darkened Carbon Background & Intensified Visor Green Colour

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  18. Dude I really like your helmet. I read you would like to do a Lotus one and I am here to ask you please do it :thumbsup:
  19. I will do Lotus and other team tomorrow.
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