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Mercedes F1 W05 2014 @ Silverstone

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Kartik Sri Harsha, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Hi guys this is my first setup for AC
    I used Medium tires for the run as they are option tires for 2014 and i did a 36.683 in Silverstone
    I will still try to refine the setup more and update it .
    this setup is based on F1 dave in Ac forums so thanks to him as well

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  2. Chris 576

    Chris 576
    Premium Member

    Nice set up mate, knocked four seconds off my best. ;)
  3. Thanks for setup
  4. Thanks for the replies and used the same setup and did a 25.328 in Mugello on medium tires
  5. Did a 1:35.1xx with this. 1:34.7 possible.

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  6. @dewald
    35.7 but my steering is not straight enough ;) very fine, thank you
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  7. great setup dude, been getting a few WR on rsr with this. same with me team m8s. thanks from TAM :)
  8. Curious, with whose setup exactly, and what times are you getting?
  9. using the OPs setup, blackwood im 1st with a 55.3 (can go quicker), nurb gp i currently have a 1.35.4 but can beat the WR, gen track 1 currently on a 1.03.9 but can go quicker, Imola 1.23.4 can go quicker, silverstone gp 1.36.8 but that was a messy lap and thats all ive done so far. i do change the aero slightly but always keep front aero 3 points higher than rear.

    im also finding that i can make supersoft tyres last for 7 lap races before the time drops off too far.
  10. Thanks
  11. Good for you im still trying to setup breaking with out taking too much off the basic setup. Currently im locking tires alot .
  12. a team m8 changed rear dampers to 10, 6, 10, 7 and rear height down to 50. seems to help with braking and less understeery going into corners without losing too much of that stability.
  13. version 0.3.5
    1:37:262, Soft tyres
    snappy, bit of oversteer through high speed corners, optimal wing values - highest downforce for least drag

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  14. Bring actually nothing more the setups ... or did you find out how to make the sound again, Georg? :(
  15. Thanks !