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Skins Mercedes AMG Black Edition HD 2014-11-29

Mercedes AMG Black edition hd

  1. kaiser77 submitted a new resource:

    Mercedes AMG Black edition hd - Mercedes AMG Black edition hd

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  2. Very nice skin, terrible res
  3. Remove Lewis' face.
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  4. airutonpurosuto8912


  5. is this a Merc AMG Petronas or Lewis Hamilton F1 Team?
    sorry, even the colors blend nicely but this is too much. many things need to improve. the lines and decals aren't looking clean, and in very low res including the logos. no need to blend the Petronas on rear wing and cockpit with that pink thingy. it doesn't blend nicely IMO.
    the Merc logo on both sides & the sidepods looks horrible. the AMG logos are scaled too big and Lewis' face isn't needed there as is not only Lewis who driving for Merc.
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  6. too critical, and not a single thank you.
    I can only say that I do not win anything with this one I share. if you hate can only tell you do.
  7. I do not share anything more in this forum. very ungrateful people
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  8. no no no you misunderstood my post. i realize i was a bit rude sorry about that. no hard feeling intended.
    basically there are many things need to be improved, nothing more. your idea was good but because one or two things that makes it not really good in terms of aesthetic.
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  9. airutonpurosuto8912


    I don't hate you. I'm not harsh to people who stole my work at all. ;)
  10. ask the moderators, to withdraw my two post please as there are only immature people who are still children and do not know even what is respect and who only know how to criticize and despise
  11. I have not robbed anyone, and do not want to share anything more with these characters who are real experts believe and hopefully someday work for codemasters
  12. I love it I want to use it, but its personalized for Lewis. If you could remove the things that make it personal, this might be my favorite skin.
  13. airutonpurosuto8912


    Please agree with my previous post. As I said, I don't hate you and we do respect you at all.
  14. You should learn to listen to critics