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Melbourne Last Sector AI Speeds

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by Jacob Fræer, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Hi guys.

    I would categorise myself as a very good driver in this game, and i drove in several leagues in 2013.
    I just started playing 2014 and just went into career mode with the Force India, and my pace is generally good, but by the looks of it, i'm having a lot of trouble in the last sector. I might think it's the last corner, that gives me some rear unstability.

    I use a DFGT and no assists. My S1 and S2 times are good against the AI, but in the last sector 3, the AI is 0.5 seconds faster than me.
    Setup: The fast 1/11 setup, but with 2/2 Aero.
    Legend AI

    Anyone else having problem in this sector against the AI? What setup (aero) helps you, and which car do you use? This question is only for wheel users with no assists (since PAD users has TC regardless of assist settings).

    Have in mind that i'm talking about career mode, where the cars from the beginning sucks due to zero upgrades obtained.


    I just tried in GP mode, and i can qualify second with McLaren...
    Maybe it's career mode that is bugged or maybe it's Force India (in career mode) that is bugged.
    Or maybe just Melbourne last sector AI speed.


    I just tried with this setup, and i qualified better than my team mate, which i couldnt before (in the force india)

    2/1 aero
    49, high braking
    1/11 balance
    1 1 / 11 11 susp
    full left camber, full right toe

    Seems quicker, and the wheelspin is the same...
    The setup is used before, was supposed to reduce my rear wheel spin, but setups doesnt change that, that much... So its a lot quicker to just go for the "bugged fast setup", since f1 2011.
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  2. I just got the game today, and I noticed the same thing in career mode driving the Ferrari at Melbourne. I'm faster than the field in the first two sectors but lose about a second in S3. I'm using expert AI.

    It seems that every year the AI has problem spots like this. It's really annoying - it wouldn't take that long for them to go through track-by-track and make sure the AI is on pace at all corners.
  3. same!
  4. Yeah same here! Playing 100% Career mode on expert with Caterham and it becomes even more noticeable in the race I leave the lower ranked competition standing in sector 1 but sector 3 they are right back on me. Yet again looks like AI sector times need tweaking. Either that or there is some kind of handicap (catch-up) time system for AI........there was some very odd AI "times" behaviour in the race. More research needed!
  5. Yes, the AI are fast in the last sector, but you can balance it with youre setup. Melbourne is typical to have a setup that is fast in sector 1 and 2, but slower in sector 3 or the other way around. You have to balance it with sacrifising little speed in sector 1 and 2 with youre setup if you lose alot in sector 3. That is atleast what I have found out for myself...

    But, yes, the AI is still fast in sector 3, almost only because of the last corner, its ridiculous how fast they are going through there... But still, you can balance it to be much better with the setup, but still possible loose some time in sector 3, because of the last turn...
  6. The AI don't seem to be affected by rear wheel spin as much as the player. It's even worse in the rain - I came in last in Q1 in the Ferrari in heavy rain because i had no rear grip whatsoever.
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  7. the same here... last sector IA is always more fast
  8. Grip? Grip? What grip? :D I only hear I need to warm up my rear tyres in every lap, but it's funny to drift like playing Ridge Racer.
    Anyway: Melbourne is a track I race easily while being asleep, but this year in sector 3 ... there they are again, coming from 3sec gap to 1sec gap closer and closer.
  9. Using Williams "Martini" 100% distance, quali 18th and finished 8 thanks to the first 2 sectors in the couple of laps. Im well into the Malaysian GP and during Q1 i had to use Options just to keep up and stay in 6th. On prime I am 3 seconds off the Mercedes team using Legend AI. Here's how things are for me.
  10. This topic is not about the Malaysian GP :)
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  11. If I drive on the lowest difficulty (which I did when I started to play the game) I would be 2 seconds up in the first sector, then in the 2nd and 3rd sector they would be quicker. Looks like it is on every difficulty.