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Mechanical Failures

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Darth-Fluffy, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. I had a fault with my DRS during Melbourne. Was wondering what other failures there are and what you have experienced. Also are there race ending failures, like blown engine, suspension, gearbox etc?
  2. I had a 'F1 2011 Executable has stopped working' failure that ended a race for me - does that count? :D
  3. I had a puncture in Malaysia during qualifying. It was wet and I was running in 20th, 0.2 secs off Karthikeyan. My target was 19th and then on my final hot lap (which was going really well) I got a puncture which ended my qualy session!
  4. I have not had much luck with the racing so far.
    Race in Aus. On last lap the car looses major power and struggled to get up to 115km/h. Lost 6 positions.
    Race in Malaysia. 2 Laps left and front tyres blows. Which in turn also helps wreck the front nose cone. Lost 12 positions in last 2 laps.
    So i still need to actually finish a race without a issue. But, its all good :)
  5. My DRS stopped working during my career reace at Melbourne aswell, but within 1 lap engineer told it was working again. How long was your DRS out of play for @ Darth-Fluffy?
  6. My KERS stopped working during qualifing, but was fixed after i stopped at the garage for new tyres
  7. I've had both KERS and DRS failure one time apiece. Pretty cool.
  8. About 3 laps but, I wasn't within 1 second of the guy in front so didn't affect me.
  9. My race engineer told me that my KERS was broken and would be unavailable. Impressive, considering I drive for Lotus who doesn't even have KERS.
  10. I also lost my drs at Melbourne for a lap or 2 in quali. I thought it must be because it was raining on part of the track.

    Also, during practice 1 in China it was very wet but a dry line was appearing towards the end of the session. i put on a pair of primes and braved the slippery track and found the drs was active even though the dry line wasn't that dry yet. Very difficult to use in those conditions but fun experience.
  11. That sounds like you ran out of fuel mate. The game won't let you run clean out and stop, but you'll suddenly have no power and wont get up much above 100kph. I know, coz I did it in China :tongue:
  12. 2 x practise sessions at Spa, 2 engine failures right at the end of the straight after eau rouge. Screen shuddered a bit for about 2-3 seconds and BANG! My 7th gear was obviously to short? I was using KERS and DRS of course, qualy practise runs. Good stuff! :rolleyes:
  13. use a flashback :) to save your quali session
  14. Ive been driving in the career mode and i just finished the Monaco GP. so far I havent had any failures neither did the AI.. i usually play on 30% race distance, there are no failures occurring because im not using 100% race distance or do i have to change something in the options? All the settings, i.e Damage simulation etc have been set to Full.

    And also, how many have you had a safety car situation in career mode?
  15. I do 50% race weekends and get failures. You didn't have a safety car at Monaco?? You must not have Safety Car set to on?
  16. On the very first lap of my very first practise lap I had a punture. I have also had the engine blow up on me which scared the life out of me as it went with a massive bang.
  17. No, i dont see the safety car option in the career mode, Isn't that option turned ON by default in career mode?
  18. yeah its default on during career. Seems you have top engineers if nothing has failed:)
  19. My KERS was dead for a lap in qualy - reason overheating.
  20. No punctures or blown engines yet, but have lost KERS and DRS in different races. Both came back later in the race. Have yet to see Safety Car.