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Mechanical Effects and Problems Mod

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Kartik Sri Harsha, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Hello RD People
    I've been working on the Mechanical effects which forces the player's car into problems
    We don't have engine heating so does the Mechanical Failures like gearbox, suspension, brake ,radiator at all as a factor in the Game.
    I was working on the aspects one by one and at present i was working on Engine effects
    We can have rise of engine Temp as the session progresses and by the end of race the engine will be at high Temps.
    Gearbox also wears out and if you are revving the gearbox much then you will have Minor problems.
    KERS will be either fixed with in a Lap or two or may be out for More than Half of Race.

    Updates for V2.2: Accelerated Gearbox and Engine wear a bit. Also Radiator, Brake Problems may come into play once they hit their damage levels.
    Updates for V3.0: The High Gear box Damage was Decreased a bit so that Players can see the Chequred flag with out Problems. But if you don't take care then You will have Minor problems
    Updates for V3.1: Engine Problems was Decreased and also, KERS failure chances was decreased.
    Updates in Beta V3.1 : Every Problem was decreased but the Chances of Having Major Problem is Now maximized. It was a beta to collect the data and as per the results. I will release the V 3.2

    Download Here
    Download V2.2 Here
    Download V 2.8 Here
    Download V3.0 Here
    Download V3.1 Here
    Download V3.1BETA Here

    Installation Procedure:
    1. Backup your original raceload.jpk file which was located in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2012
    2. Paste this File into same folder.

    Recommended Mod:
    Revised Car Performance Mod

    I request Feedback on this Mod in order to make more progress.

    This is one of the Part of F1 2012 Total Overhaul Mod.
    Thanks to God, Roberto Costa for his Ideas, Ryder25 for his Tools and all the RD Community members
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  2. Actually have you tested it in 3, or 5 tracks not just in 1?And if it's working it's really effective?I mean if i let the rev meter go to high for long time and upshift like that it will effect the gearbox isn't it?
  3. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Amazing work Kartik! Cannot wait to give it a try! Thank you so much, I've been looking for a mod that can make KERS disabled for a longer period of time.

    Absolute bloody legend!
  4. I've tested in the Tracks like Monza , Spa, Singapore, Suzuka , Australia, China and yes it will effect the gear box but not too much.
    I was working on the Effect you asked Very closely but i need to manage the AI for that too. SO when i have the balance i will add that one to the Mod.
  5. Thanks then i will wait for your great work and will use it in career:)
  6. Thank you mate Give it a Try and Tell me the Feedback.
  7. It affects the grip level a lot. Amazing job mate !
  8. Awesome work Kartik!:thumbsup:

    After I complete all the safety car mods, I'll have to test this mod of yours out, along with the rest of Hill's competitive breaking mod.
  9. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    I'd love to give it a crack right now. But unfortunately it's too hot here in Perth (40 degrees today) to do any racing :(
    I usually wear socks because I like a bit of slippage on the pedals, but since its too hot to wear socks, I can't race. Plus my computer doesn't like heat. Lol
    I'll test it in the next few days when it cools down to a mere 30-35 degrees lol.
  10. lolled hard
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  11. And it's only work for quick race or in career too?
  12. It works every where Mate.
  13. A Little update:
    Working on the Gearbox damage and so far it was giving the results i wanted. Only balancing the AI was required.
  14. Tested it in 3 tracks for 20 laps and it gave a positive result.The gearbox's temperature was rising and kers was failing for 10 lap(with Lotus).So it's quite good mod!Keep up just needs the AI too.It's a very good mod:)
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  15. A Small question to those who Used the Mod
    Do any one had Smoke coming from the Engine?? If so Do you have any gearbox problems??
  16. I had.But maybe due to agressive driving:D.
  17. So Mate do you have any gear box problems??
  18. No just smoke after all.Will go again and test it for you.I think singapore is quite a gearbox killer:D.I would like to see gear losses like arton senna had .Or only that i loose one of my gears that would be awesome too.Will give you feedback just wait!
  19. yes... engine smoke 8-10 laps
  20. Did you get any Gear box problems like stucking in a Gear for some time