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McLaren vs. Ford GT vs. Corvette C6.RWh

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Balázs Gerencsér, Mar 20, 2013.

Which would you buy first?

Poll closed Mar 27, 2013.
  1. Ford GT

  2. McLaren

  3. Corvette C6.R

  1. Balázs Gerencsér

    Balázs Gerencsér

    Hi Guys!

    I'm really interested in your opinion what car to buy to prepare for my C class license. I just can't decide and don't want to purchase more than one of them now. That is how I see it now:

    Ford GT
    + I like how it looks. Its predecessor was my dreamcar in my childhood.
    + With the new physics it drives well as they say.
    + I can go up with it to B class.
    - The least popular car in these classes.
    - Not really competitive with McLaren and C6.R as I read.

    + Beautiful.
    + Newest car with - probably - the latest iRacing tech.
    + Popular.
    - Can't take it with me to B class.

    Corvette C6.R
    + Fun to drive as far as I know.
    + Popular.
    + Can go up to class B.
    + One of the first to get the new sound package.
    - Don't like the look of it.
    - I really don't like the look of it.

    What do you think?
  2. Nico Van Elk

    Nico Van Elk

    Hard choice. I've only driven the Corvette and the ford.
    In my opinion the c6r is harder to handle than the Ford. Corvette sounds much better tho.

    Last season in B class the Corvette was more popular. This season (at least in the ProtoGT fixed) the Ford numbers seem as good as Corvette.

    This probably won't help you much :)
  3. Steve O'Malley

    Steve O'Malley

    I bought the McLaren and the Ford. There are a lot more McLarens in the GT series and its generally quicker than the Ford. Look at the results of the races this car runs in and see how many times you will be letting faster cars pass you - namely Corvettes and HPD's.
    Having said that I find the Ford better to drive and it has more setup options available as well as some fairly decent fixed sets.
  4. Eckhart von Glan

    Eckhart von Glan

    atm, bothe the corvette and the ford suffer big time from the macca novelty effect. For any GT car I would wait till the end of this season and see what the schedule for next season says. It's a classic situation where it's a pity you cannot test the cars for 24h before you buy, it would solve your problems ina jiffy.
    my personal ranking:
    1 corvette - just love how it feels and looks and sounds
    2 macca - takes a lot of getting used too, dunno why
    3 ford gt - like you one of my childhood favourites (gt40 lemans) but really difficult to handle if you want to go quick (ah ... but it looks great)
  5. Balázs Gerencsér

    Balázs Gerencsér

    Thanks for the all the feedback guys. I bought the Ford GT. I just couldn't resist ... I started to test and so far I like it. We'll see how much will we like each other when I start to push it to the limits.
  6. CoryG85


    Weird I find the Ford to be the easiest car to handle out of the 3. The Vette is quite a handful but so fun. Love the looks of McLaren and it handles well too. I bought all 3 already although I'm a rookie and have yet to even participate in an actual race or any even where I can lose SR. I'm just running test session as much as I can to hone my skills. Only been a member for about 2 weeks. I love the physics of this game! Just not looking forward to getting my ass whooped when I start racing.
  7. Struan Robertson

    Struan Robertson

    Balasz drop me a pm in game and you are welcome to have a shot of my account for a short time, to try any car you like. Radical is my favourite class C car but hardly anyone races it, this is a shame.

    Edit, just realised that this is an old thread, sorry, but my offer still holds.
  8. Balázs Gerencsér

    Balázs Gerencsér

    Thanks for the offer, really appreciated! I may send you a PM someday.
  9. Daniel Andrés

    Daniel Andrés

    In my opinion, the most recomendable car is the Mclraren, great participation, funny to drive (but hard to go fast)