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Featured McLaren Release Kevin Magnussen

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Paul Jeffrey, Oct 16, 2015.

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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    KMag.jpg McLaren-Honda have confirmed they have released Kevin Magnussen from his McLaren-Honda commitments in an effort to aid his attempts at securing a drive in Formula One for the 2016 season.

    Part of the McLaren Young Driver Development Program since 2010, Magnussen has found himself left out in the cold at the struggling Woking operation in light of the outstanding form of McLaren's other talented young driver, Belgium's newly crowned GP2 Champion Stoffel Vandoorne.

    With the recent announcement that 2009 World Champion Jenson Button will remain at McLaren for at least another season and with Fernando Alonso having a reputed two years left to run on his contract signed prior to the start of this year, many wondered if the writing was already on the wall for the talented son of former McLaren driver, and current United SportsCar Championship competitor Jan Magnussen.

    McLaren CEO Ron Dennis had the following to say following news of Magnussen's release:
    "Kevin has always done a very impressive and professional job for McLaren in the five years since he joined our Young Driver Programme in 2010,” he said.

    "In 2014 he raced very well alongside Jenson, who is a hugely experienced and very quick World Champion. Kevin's Grand Prix debut in Melbourne last year was rewarded with a podium that day that he, and we, can be justifiably proud of.

    Kevin has continued to work hard for us in 2015, supporting Fernando and Jenson, although he was understandably frustrated not to be racing.

    He is extremely keen to return to racing next year, and, in keeping with our tradition with our young drivers, we will not stand in the way of his ability to fulfil his ambition and potential.

    He is a very talented racing driver, and he deserves to have a Formula 1 career, as Jenson has publicly said.

    Evidently, we have no space for him at McLaren-Honda as a race driver next year, but there is no shame in being edged out by two World Champions, Fernando and Jenson. We wish Kevin well, and will do all we can to help him successfully embark on the next chapter of his racing career."​

    With drives still available at Lotus, Haas and Manor, with Toro Rosso and the second Red Bull seat alongside Daniel Ricciardo yet to be announced, Magnussen still has opportunities to remain in F1 next season.

    It would be a shame to see such potential wasted after a decent debut season in 2014, but as the long proven saying goes, getting to Formula One is hard, staying there is even harder.

    Over to you!
    Do you think McLaren made the right choice in releasing Kevin Magnussen from his contract and do you think the Dane has a chance of a race drive next season? Leave your comments below!
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2015
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  2. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    Oh, this is a no brainer for Haas now. Ferrari does not hire Italians exclusively, and I doubt Haas will do that with Americans.
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  3. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Yep +1 on that mate.
    However, I still think "Steve" Gutierrez has the best chances of a seat at Haas because of how much his sponsors bring in.

    Hopefully Gene will go with talent over money.
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  4. I have to say it's the right choice, or rather - the 'better' choice, it's like free-agency in American sports, he's now free to explore other options elsewhere for a future F1 seat. :thumbsup:
  5. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    There is no question Gene neither needs the money nor is in this for the money. He's smarter than that. I don't think sponsorship will be an issue either. Hell, he sponsors himself in NASCAR and people are beating down the door to put their name on his cars. No, Gene is in this to shake up F1, make a legacy, and promote his company.
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  6. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    Kevin's a great driver, and needs a good drive for 2016 to showcase his talents. McLaren, is a sinking ship, and has too many issues right now.They need the veterans to right the ship.
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  7. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    It's also quite possibly illegal or at least a breach by McLaren. Kevin getting effectively nothing (why Fernando over Kevin I'll never understand) and McLaren is preventing him from working. At least in America, the Courts slammed the NFL for prohibiting guys leaving college early to do the same thing. The NFL is an effective monopoly though, and F1 is not, but McLaren doesn't have deep roots in other forms of racing I don't think. Maybe wrong there....

    BTW, his dad is sort of a hero of mine. So I guess I'm biased. But what he has done in the ALMS (now, cough, United Sports Car presented by Bill France) was a joy to watch and what he has won or done well in during his career is about as broad as you will get in racing. My favorite was his only NASCAR race where he finished 12 and started 32. He is a true racing hero, not a series star.
  8. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    Oh come now Mike, Fernando is past his prime. I talked to Kim the other day and he said people are telling him that he's too old and that's why he's not winning. Of course, Alonso is the same age and is winning less. Ergo....
    Too bad for McLaren I guess. I wonder why they don't know that you expire around 30 in F1 these days?
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  9. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    All the while these Top Teams are passing up on Talent that is trickling down to Forumla E, WEC, and other series. It's a list of "Who Could have Been's" in those series. Buemi, di Grassi, D'Ambrosio, and Vergne
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  10. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    I wish Dick Trickle was still around. He'd show all of them a thing or two. How to smoke while driving. How to get wasted every other night and win. Etc. lol.
  11. Tim.E


    Shame tbh, together with Vandoorne these two are huge talents. Though as Magnussen is being outshadowed by Vandoorne the guy doesn't get the credit he deserves.
  12. Lotus/Renault is the only realistic seat left in F1 this year for Kevin, he would shine as a teammate to Pastor, guess most drivers would :whistling:
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  13. It's about time to be honest. I think if he finds a seat he will have a much better start to his F1 career than being at Mclaren-Honda if I am honest. I want to see him next season or at least see him in something equivalent like WEC instead of ALMS.
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  14. I feel sorry for Magnussen and Vandoorne. McLaren have really held up their careers.
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