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Skins Mclaren MP4-29 [DHD] 1.0

McLaren with lighter Chrome effect

  1. pebz submitted a new resource:

    Mclaren MP4-29 [DHD] - McLaren with lighter Chrome effect

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  2. It's a masterpiece, thanks for all the hard work!
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  3. a pure beauty, wonderful job pebz :thumbsup:
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  4. Finally a very, very good McLaren... And the Johnny Walker version!! Wow! Thanks friend! A dream come true... I was waiting for it since friday. Thanks again!! ;)
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  5. Thanks a lot, awesome, waiting from you another Hd jobs, if you don't mind, do this for all cars and skins from middle season or singapore - russia, if it's not dificult to you :thumbsup:
  6. Pebz, perhaps I am asking to much. But is it possible to get the original size of 2048x2048 of this awesome work in your released version?
  7. if you have Photoshop, just decrease the size to 2048x2048 (livery and speccoc), then import them back to mc2_gen_high_main and mc2_gen_low_main
  8. Awesome :)
  9. Great tip Henky SA, and yes I have Photoshop! But I thought resizing process was a little more complicated :)
  10. just go to image -> image size (or Alt+Ctrl+I for the shortcut button). fill the width and height box with 2048 each. it takes not more than 5 seconds :thumbsup:
    don't forget to save the files to dds and use Ryder PSSG Editor to import the texture files.
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  11. will you do and the other cars hd or dhd ?
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  12. Original 2048x2048 game size is in the SD folder :)

    SD folder texture size 2048x2048
    HD folder texture size 4096x4096
    DHD folder texture size 8192x8192
  13. yes! the master is back!
  14. Thank you for beautiful job!!
  15. I discovered Pebz ;) So I didn't change anything. But the size of your SD is twice as big compare to the original files. Anyway, Codemasters compressed the original files?
  16. Thank you so much! Awesome work!
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  17. Awesome work. Thank you for this pretty car.
    Do you have another WiP? Maybe Ferrari or Mercedes? :p
  18. HE IS BACK !!!!!
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  19. Great work Pebz!
    Outstanding quality as always :)
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