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McLaren MP4-12C

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by camsinny, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. May as well do this I guess...

    C&C encouraged.
  2. Consider C&C given.. WOW! :D
  3. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Wowza, that's a truely beautiful model :)
  4. OMG nice model :D
  5. Nice, Big Mc is the best supercar maker ever ;)
  6. Is it Non-CG?
  7. Fantastic model, very impressive!
  8. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    WoW...looks absolutly GREAT!!!
  9. Finally...someone who knows how to model. Looks brilliant.
  10. At the moment it is because it's just a model.

    Thanks all, but you need to be more picky. I need some crits. The flow is still a bit wonky in places. C'mon guys - be fastidious.
    I'll post updates in a few hours. Just woke up and it's a pyjamas day. Excellent day to finish the exterior.
  11. Well, I'd kill the triangle behind the rear wheel well, along with the entire horizontal row of polies it leads to - they're narrower (which will create a sharp edge) and triangles really mess with the flow :p I don't like the 'triangle' (actually a quad) at the B-pillar's base either, 2 edges being in a straight line does weird stuff.

    The pentagon at the top outer corner of the taillight looks bad in the smooth renders, too.

    I'd have to get at some reference pics to say anything more specific, the front bumper's a little lumpy but it might be intentional, along with a couple other areas. The main lines seem smooth, it's just the intermediate stuff that needs to be lined up more carefully. The rear license plate area seems too much indented at the bottom edge to me.
  12. Finally someone who can give us regular updates.
  13. It needs wheels and an interior!

    Seriously, it looks good so far, maybe a better flow of poly's on some of the awkward looking quads at the rear

    This a work up to doing Lowndsies' winner?
  14. Thanks guys, that's the feedback I need :)
    A bit more done. Some seams and headlights. Fixed the bonnet shape too.
    The quad/tri combo you guys are talking about is the place holder for the side reflector. I'll fix it up when I get to the back again.

    Not quite - Kinda a step sideways.

  15. You have a beast for everyone, the worker & the thinker. Both looking good.
    Mclarens mesh is tighter, needs a bit more caressing in the door duct & normals tweaking maybe, funny dip in the bonnet front too.
  16. omg, whats a nice project!!!
  17. cool frame when will be done

  18. Hah another impatient post by junaid well done
  19. Great Car!
  20. Erm when its done? How longs a piece of string? Whats the answer to the meaning of life? These and many more rhetorical questions after the break?