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McLaren MP4-12C GT3 steering question

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Chris James, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Chris James

    Chris James

    Guys, I've got a Thrustmaster T500 with F1 wheel. I'm extremely excited about this car, but I like to run my sims as close to real as possible, so I'd like to know if any of you know about the steering on the real McLaren. The GT3 version uses a F1 style wheel, right? How many degrees of rotation does the real car have, and how many degrees of steering lock do you think drivers of this car use?

    Thanks guys.
  2. Mapu


    540 (+/- steering lock depending on your preferences) i suspect, like most GT cars
  3. Just calibrate your wheel normally with 900 degrees and let the game choose 1:1 steering.
    Then if it´s a race car (like this case) you will probably be able to tweak it some in the setup.
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  4. Normally the steering ratio varies from 11-ish:1 to 16-ish:1.... Rotation from 400 to 680-ish. It really depends on the track and driver.

    If the track has some very tight turns, they might have more rotation so they can up the steering lock without changing the ratio.
  5. I find 900 too slow, it takes far too long to go lock to lock, especially when trying to tackle oversteer. I have my wheel at about 480-500.
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  6. Sodemo,

    That's not necessary, if you put your steering wheel to 900 degrees, AC automatically adapts the rotation degrees to the car you are driving.

    If you are driving a road car, you have a bigger rotation in AC. If you jump into a formula car, the steering degrees is automatically decreased to the real steering degree of this car.
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  7. Mapu


    Yes that's true, the wheel steering ratio can also be adjusted towards driver preferences.
  8. Chris James

    Chris James

    Ah, yes; I forgot about this feature. Thanks guys.

  9. Wow it's perfect. This is a very good news for me!
    I spend normally too much time in the steering settings options and I apreciate if there are some helps and automatic settings in the game in order to be as close as possible with the reality.
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  10. Chris James

    Chris James

    I too spend too much time trying to figure this stuff out with rFactor. It's hard to find information like this about cars without forums to ask questions on. I'm looking forward to not having to fool with it anymore.
  11. Hopefully they can add stops on the ends, nKP would just lose all FFB feeling if I rotated too far on the open-wheels, whereas if I tweaked it down to 400 degrees with driver software, driver would stop me at the ends.
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  12. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one. Premium

    It's so simple in these new simulators. Just set your wheel rotation and you're done with it.

    It was so frustrating for me to set usable numbers in Race 07 that was made for 270 deg wheels. It was endless searching for real numbers that in the end didn't work. Lesson learned.

    Now I do it by trial and error which is fast when you know what you want. I seek for around 90 deg wheel rotation in low-med speed corners and around 180 deg for low speed hairpins. No matter if it is a race car of a formula car. See onboard videos for reference. FFB and tyre sqeeling help too.
  13. Some interesting stuff that I found couple of years ago:
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  14. Mapu


    its outdated
  15. Ok, now I know.;)

  16. I don't think that's possible with modern FFB wheels, is it?
  17. the "problem" is that even when you set 900 and the game automatically limits to the car's steering degree, for the logitech wheels, when you set it to lets say 540 deg. the driver limits it by hardening the strenght beyond 540 deg. so it seems that your wheel really goes 540 deg.
    when you set it to 900 even if the car steers 540 the force beyond that is the same. that's why people still like to set it to lower values. unless AC has something new. iRacing tried to do sth but i don't think it works fine, at least i don't feel any diferences, and every day i hate more the ffb in iracing, hopefully on november when me license expires i don't need to renew it becuase i will have AC!!!!!

    Edit: just what stereo said in more simple words :)
  18. rocafella1978


    how do you guys figure out what is needed in regards to wheel rotation/ angle? i am just curious, what do GT3 cars have? since the soft lock in AC for my taste makes me feel weird FFB and also as if i am steering boats on water.
    so i am trying to customize to each vehicle but attempting to put a list together, for all the cars, degrees of rotation/ angle.
    MB SLS GT3 = 540? 640? 720
    MCL MP4-12C GT3= 420? 540? 640?
    LB HURACAN GT3= 360? 400? 540?

    or anything else suggestions? maybe community can put together a list of vehiclea along with suggested degrees/ angles of rotation. will be happy to start and do that, but don't know the correct or suggested angles/ rotations.
    (pretty sure AC/ Kunos must have data on that) as i could not find anything online...
  19. http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/steering-locks-list-updating.20596/
  20. rocafella1978


    thank you that is excellent! appreciate your help and posting the link!!!!