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McLaren MP4-12C GT3 @ Silverstone

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by martcerv, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. Here is a setup I am using in the MP4 12C GT3 made it for Silverstone but also works good at Mugello, pretty stable and can beat 100% AI quite easily especially as they die on the last few laps as they must be using soft tyres.

    Mugello can probably drop pressure a little but laptimes at Silverstone on Medium tyres can be 2:02's and Mugello I have only done the one race but did 1:47's in the race.

    It wont bottom out but may over some big kerbs under load plus its quite drivable through quick sections like the Mugello turns 6 to 9 where you can take it flat if on a good line though I generally lift a little into 9 and slight brake before t6.

    No point racing on softs as they go off after a couple laps and will be much slower then mediums after 5 laps these are fine over 10 laps with very little wear over that distance. For a hotlap you can reduce fuel and put on softs maybe drop pressures slightly and it will be about 1.5 seconds quicker on the second lap then drop off from there so little point trying to get 2 hotlaps out of it. I am pretty bored of hotlapping so just racing the AI which are getting better.

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  2. Here's my Silverstone setup. Using this i'm into the 1:58's and it feels very stable - no tank slappers or rear end shenanigans so long as you're careful on the throttle through the turns :thumbsup:

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  3. thanks
  4. thank you.
  5. I am sorry but this attachment i have to copy some folder??? Thank you very much.
  6. My silverstone setup, quali/race all-session setup and best time is 2:00.2, that it's very comfotable and has no understeer for high speed turn but slightly understeery for slow corners. Unfortunately I noticed oversteer setup for this car/track combo didn't help me be fast.

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  7. Very stable, are 5 seconds over .. but I can improve
  8. 2.01.4xx with the qualli one

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  9. The maximum I have achieved so far is 2:02:206 using
    Coenwulf's tune. Any hints on how to improve this? I'm having a hard time learning this track.
  10. Have you tried this in the Maggets /Backets complex:
    Full throttle first left, lift gently next right, brake hard and with a straight car for next left and tightly take the last right from the outside.
  11. I will try this.
  12. Got 2:01:679. Thanks that did take around half a second off.
  13. Got a 2:01:4 with coenwulf's setup, thanks.
    I got this time with medium tyres, with soft tyres the mclaren is oversteering too much!
  14. Are you guys using soft or medium tyres?
  15. thanks!!!!!!!!
  16. Can you still do 1:58 with this setup?
  17. I should think so, unless you're thinking the game's physics have changed sufficiently since then to prevent it? It was 6 months ago.
  18. I can't be sure about the physics, but if you can do 1:58 or a low 1:59 can u post a video so i can see what i am doing wrong, it would help me a lot. thanks! =)
  19. Ok, just had a 20 lap session and got a best of 1:59.2, If I don't do any more I'll post that replay up. Meanwhile, here's another setup to try...

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