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Skins McLaren-Honda Sponsor-less 1.0

Sponsor-less McLaren

  1. Good job friend!

    But I want to see a More-Sponsors-McLaren with all the new logos, like Johnnie Walker...

    Thanks for your job!
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  2. Good Job mate
    Can you do the start livery of McLaren Honda (the silver livery),and the current livery with Johnnie Walker logo
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  3. jup Early Season Livery would be cool
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  4. Ill see what i can do ;) and to the others who want early mclaren livery, Ill see if i can edit that up, There silver colour but shiny will be a hardish colour to find since silver will just be silver ;)
  5. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    doesn't look different to the original from the onboard :roflmao::unsure:
  6. Yeah ;) Thats why im doing all the cars :s
  7. nah who needs sponsors?? ^^ i like it how it looks without them
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  8. Great job man. Provided a good template for me to mod my own sponsors in for league racing - so many thanks for that!
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  9. is not a bad mod,but you miss sponsors like...........
    Johnnie Walker
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