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Cars McLaren-Honda MP4/4 1.3

By VRC Modding Team

  1. SennaHonda_1988 submitted a new resource:

    McLaren-Honda MP4/4 - By F1VRC - Virtual Racing Cars

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  2. ronniej

    The dude Premium

    Great job compressing that file too....85mb-1.45gb lol. Donation on the way.
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  3. You can visit the Work in Progress page to see the next projects :p
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  4. I have really fall in love with your car. I did 22 laps on Spa, i had so much fun trying to pass Eau Rouge flat out which is very risky and cool. Did also so laps on Silverstone, Old Hockeheim with the long straights, Monza, Monaco (i was tired after few laps but i was feeling like a kid in that around Monaco)...

    Again, you did a really good work and thank you guys to give us this classic car of the 80s !
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  5. Compared to MAK-corp this is the most realistic one because it haves the unforgiving feel that once you do a tiny mistake you will pay the price while MAK-corp is much more forgiving and easy to drive.

    Much appreciated for creating this beauty of a car that i missed decades ago.
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  6. Please skin 1988!!!!! Benetton ferrari william lotus minardi ecc great!!
  7. Andrea the bonus skins are with the R04 chassis upgrade . :)

    * You can assign a button to Headlight and see the driver cockpit anims , first mod to have this ! :p *
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2016
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  8. Little Info ::
    The Front and Rear wings move depending of how you set them

    For the Tyres Compounds ::

    E=Qualifying Compound (2 laps and they are dead)
    D=Soft Compound
    C to A = Hard Compound (C is the softest hard, A the hardest)
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2016
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  9. Interesting information right there.
  10. I already left my review, but after a bit more time with the car, I've got some things to report which I believe could be further improved. Don't mind me repeating some of the stuff I already said, it's just for completeness' sake. Also, I still think this is a superb mod, this is just an attempt of a tiny contribution for a possible future update.

    1. Some shaders and textures could use improvement. Shell logo text should be vertically compressed more, Goodyear logo on the front wing should be bigger, rear wing Marlboro logo shouldn't stretch all the way across the wing. Bare metal shaders could use some work as well, the materials look too shiny and fake as they are.

    2. 3D model could also use some work, it's quite a bit off in many areas. Specifically, the nose is too narrow and rounded. It starts fine at the tip, but then the concave parts on the side start too soon, it rounds too quickly and it doesn't get wide enough towrards the driver. Suspension elements seem too thin as well. The holes for the wing adjustments are missing. The area immediately behind the driver's head with the roll guard should be wider (also the vents behind the helmet). The engine area behind the driver should have a more bubbly shape with a distinct transition between sidepods and the engine area and not flow smoothly into the sidepods like it does now. On the back, the exhaust seems too visible and the end of the body adjacent to the rear light has a too sharp radius on the 90 degree angle. Most of this stuff is visible on the image below.


    3. The physics and sound seem pretty much perfect to me, only the tyre sounds seem a bit too tiny and feeble.

    Please don't take this as a criticism, it's just my humble attempt of contribution to make this awesome car even better.

    Edit: Forgot, the power/torque curves in launcher seem completely wrong, like they're swapped or something.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2016
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  11. NoXiD


    This car is amazing!

    Yesterday i open a public Server. Spa 20 min Q, 7 Lap race.
    Just 4 player join that Server. It is a shame. I would understand when it isnt weekend, but at a sunday just 4 players join a Server with a new Mod... I dont know. Allways the same Server got people on it. That suck in my opinion.
    I hope this evening i can see a public server filled with that car.
    To all others, have fun at Nordschleife Tourist.., or Spa GT2....
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  12. Thank you for this! What tire version does it use? Sorry if i missed it.
  13. NoXiD


  14. Very cool car, tks!
  15. Hi there.
    Great car, some small things could be improved though... but nothing too big. If all mods are like this... :)
    However, there's one thing I want to ask, since I love to drive from T-cam, I can't help but feel that T-cam here is not so perfect (and in realistic spot, where T-cam CAN be mounted) it's way too far behind.
    That's T-cam in "drivers cam" (the ones you get when you press F1, BUT the one you get when you press F8 is much better (although neither perfect, also bit behind where is supposed to be, but better and angled more toward the ground - and that's good) so I wondering... could you copy that one from "F8" or... I don't know... swap them maybe ? :)
    Reason I'm asking is cause in that mode you can't use "look back" button, it doesn't work (why Kunos?) and I can't map those F8 buttons on my steering wheel.

    Thanks anyway the mod is lot of fun even without that. But it could be better, just saying... :geek:
  16. You could always use F5 camera to place the cam where you want it. Of course it is not saved for next time you drive that car but it takes no time to move it into place. You have to change "spherical coords" first. And after that the F5 camera on track can be moved anywhere (with WASD and mouse). Also FOV +/- works in that cam. A workaround for now to get you perfect into position. :)

    You find "Spherical Coords" INI here: \Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg\camera_onboard_free.ini

    Open it and change "SPHERICAL_COORDS=1" to "SPHERICAL_COORDS=0"
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  17. :confused:
    Man... what can I say... you're a life saver ! :inlove::thumbsup:
    I'm total nut for on board cameras (T-cam especially) and... know what, I didn't know that !?!
    Now I can do whatever I want, omg... I'm free. [​IMG] Finally. :D
    is "I love it" click only thing I can do back to you ? You need some... bitcoins or smt like that ?

    No, really, all the joking aside ...thank you !
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2016
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  18. Haha you are welcome and thanks. :) There are many that doesnt know about the F5 camera trick.
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  19. This is one of the best mods I have ever downloaded. Thanks a thousand times. There is another MP4/4, by MakCorp, but its like driving a Multipla compared to this. Keep up the good work. Absolutely Amazing!!
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  20. Perhaps it should be sticky then !?! :D
    Thanks once again !
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