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Cars Mazda 787B 1.4

Mazda 787B for Assetto Corsa

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  1. Christmas early...thanks got it. Nice......
  2. Yes yes yes! My love for this car goes back to the 90s watching it race and then finally simracing it in Forza 4 for the past years. Can't wait to hop in tomorrow, thanks to everyone involved in creating this beast for AC!

  3. heres a vid of it in action. Im not fast by any means but you get the idea
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  4. I downloaded this, but I don't see the normal complement of files in the downloaded folder, and the car doesn't show up in the program. Any help?
  5. Is your rar file 50mb? No errors extracting the files? Extracted folder should be 133mb in size.

    Re download I guess. Working fine here


  6. Incredible car.
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  7. thanks for this awesome mod, gave me a smile after the disappointment for the release of version 1.0 of AC incomplete, and 'really monstrous acceleration. I only have a problem, when I do a race with AI comes out on the screen 95% cpu, then that is not 'true' cause really the cpu and 'about 33%, once this has also caused a strange behavior of the car, with a large steering angle and acceleration strange, I tried with only 8 car but after a few laps still text 95% cpu used and 'came on the screen .... in hotlap and' all ok. Thanks again for this wonderful work !!!!!
  8. There are two downloads associated with the 787b. One download are templates, intended for those wishing to create skins. The other file is the actual car files. Which download did you choose?
  9. Absolutely godlike.
  10. PaulH

    Premium Member

    Amazing car, my new favourite!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  12. Like the actual car, this car has brutal low end torque, which makes acceleration from 1st gear a real challenge. The car is very fast and handles like you would expect a race car from the 90s to handle. The car does not drive itself, you have to drive it.
  13. this project is as good as it gets. I hope the AC developers will do all they can to add this to the game as an official model.
  14. It's all about getting the license from mazda. Which, as far as i'm concerned, never happened in any pc sim. Let's hope kunos can snatch that license.
  15. Patrik Sander updated Mazda 787B with a new update entry:

    Mazda 787B

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  16. Should the old one be deleted before the 1.1 is installed?
  17. "reduce materials/shader" ? what does it mean ? quality of the car has been lowered ? If so I am tired that people cater to the lower end PC's...
  18. because people with lower spec rigs shouldnt enjoy the game as well? Did you even try the updated version? Because I did and it looks the same to me but performance is a helluvalot better
  19. Here is my fast lap on Nordschleife with this rocket on wheels. :)
    The time is 6.20,465.
    The only assists are automatic Clutch and Throttle Blip.
    The video is FullHD@ 60 Fps.
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