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Maximum Fuel Load

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Fredster, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. When I start a race (20%), the fuel level is usually 56 laps and it slows the car down. The fuel seems to burn at a rapid rate, and then during the last 2 laps, I get the message that I am matching fastest lap times. This is frustrating as you cannot catch anyone in the last 2 laps. Is there any way or a mod that you can actually change the amount of fuel at the start, as you don't need 56 laps of fuel if you do 12. Thanks
  2. You don't have 56 laps of fuel in the car when you start a 20% race. It's just displayed as full distance, since you cannot change it anyway.
    Try starting a 100% race and you'll know how the car feels when you really have 56 laps of fuel in your car ...
  3. Thanks RowingAce. I will try. It just seems that in the beginning of the race the car feels heavy and I try with all might to keep everyone behind me. As the race progress, the laptimes comes down...strange
  4. That's not strange, that's normal. As you burn fuel, your car gets lighterand therefore faster ..
  5. I'm driving 50% races and in the last lap i have a message that my fuel is goin' over, i need to switch to mix1... That makes me to think i have a fuel for a 50% of race... And yes - its normal to be faster in the race progress... ;)

    P.S. Why this question is in the mod's???
  6. The fuel load of each race distance and circuit are defined as track_fuel_distance table in database.bin.