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Helmets Max Verstappen 2016 season helmet 2.1

F1 2015 Max Verstappen helmet

  1. Maybe a better guide on how to install?
  2. Backup first: max_verstappen_helmet_d.tga.
    You can find it here: f1_2014_character_package\drivers\2015-tororosso_max_verstappen\textures

    than simply replace: max_verstappen_helmet_d.tga (red or blue version) in: f1_2014_character_package\drivers\2015-tororosso_max_verstappen \texures\ max_verstappen_helmet_d.tga
    (say yes as aked to overwrite this).

    Franske :cool:
  3. hello please create helmet RIO HARYANTO 2016 season, a haryanto at team Manor racing. thanks broo [​IMG]
  4. Last edited: May 17, 2016