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Helmets Max Verstappen 2015 Helmet 0.95

(For Career and Grand Prix) Replaces Gen 38

  1. Is it possible to make a newer mod with Max V. racingsuit plus helmet?
  2. I am already working on that :D
  3. Thanks man, yes the helmet is almost the same, no problemo to me..but congrats with the result, awesome job (i know how difficult it is to make a helmet skin 100% fitting)
  4. Awesome mod! Thanks a lot!
  5. This one should be included in the awesome Max Verstappen Mod 2.0...
    By the way, the grey lines do not close on each other on the back of the helmet. That's a minor thing which can be solved??? ;)
  6. O Great Spot i will fix that tomorrow. :D
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  7. Great update!!! Thanks ;) Can you make the frontend update as well, so we can see your awesome helmet in the driver menu? :p
  8. i dont know how to do that. Do you know how to do it?
  9. No not really ;-)
  10. SUPER!!! TNX ;)