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Materials & Textures

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Michael Bryant, May 21, 2009.

  1. Maybe I missed it, but is there a way of rotating the textures? I'm working on a pit lane. So the textures have a painted box on them and I get repeats of the textures at a 45 degree angle. My track is not laid out exactly North x South. Is that the reason?

    There must be a way to adjust the textures by rotating them. Anyone know how to do this?
  2. your not the only one with this problem.
    the only way i can get round this at the moment is to use the walls proceedure for skid marks ...but exchanging skid textures
    for Edge textures.
  3. If you're asking about UVW mapping which concerns to rotate textures on terrains surfaces in custom set of triangles, the answer is no, it's not possible so far.

    It would be a good feature to next releases, IMHO.

    On tracks and walls, UVW is allowed. Post an image showing exactly what you want to do.
  4. I think UVW on terrain would be a great way to solve the track merging issue. :drool:
  5. True...

    It would helps a lot, but I've found that's not entirely necessary. The procedure shown in pinned thread is quite enough. I've just posted an impression about that method, it works very fairly.
  6. Here's a sample of the pit lane I'm having problems with. Maybe using a wall with texture is the way to go.


    Thanks guys
  7. Why don't you try copying your track.
    Then add a new point using the "Edit track Surface" tool & then delete the ones that cover the existing track.
    Then you will have a perfect join between your 2 tracks & it will give you better control over your texturing.
  8. Actually it's not necessary to copy track in this case. All MCB52 have to do is to create a track which width cover main road and pit lanes too.

    Then he can use 2 materials in the same road, by cliking and drag main material from the right border to left and clicking on "+" button to add a second texture (in this case, a pit lane texture).

    Doing like this, it's only to manipulate the right texture (pits) by rotating, scaling and changing offsets to achieve what he wants and preserving left texture (main road).

  9. This sounds like it may be the best way to go for me. I guess that means that the front straighway of the race track will have to be configured as a seperate section of track that includes pit lane, than "Merged",
    (there's that word again, hint hint to Piddy), onto the rest of the track.

    I may just try all the suggestions listed here.
    Thanks all
  10. No, surely it means you widen the track there in Track Surface Properties and then divide it into more sections and textures to keep the road and add the pit lane.