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Marussia-Cosworth MR01 released...

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by tjc, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. tjc


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  2. Downloading! :D
  3. tjc


    Tim`s release post at ISI:

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  4. Serious business this car is, can tell you now already after a few laps.
  5. tjc


    It is serious business indeed but serious business I really like...

  6. tjc


  7. Calum McLure

    Calum McLure
    Did ye, aye?

    After many, many tries I managed to get a couple of reasonably clean laps. Had to turn the throttle sensitivity down a bit to help with the oversteer out of slow corners.

    Love the way the view is forced down under braking in cockpit view but it doesn't show you in the replays :(

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  8. tjc


  9. hmm... i've got all white shift lights
  10. tjc


    Do you have HDR turned off Roma?

    When HDR was turned off with the 2012 F2 car the shift lights used to be white...
  11. Excellent I've been waiting a while for this car!
  12. Wrong Video Uploading the good one now​
  13. Much better sounds ;)

    For some reason ny accelerator pedal is constantly on full revs. Ive tried moving it to a diff pedal... but still full revs :/
  14. Are you on build 156?

  15. Yes mate im pretty sure I am
  16. Tell a lie... im on build 134 :S

    Updated and installing now will update you afterwards
  17. Fixed! Simply by updating :D ty for your help
  18. This is the best F1 car ive played with 200% better then F1 2012 the only thing was the sound and ive tweakt it a bit by using the RFT Lotus Mod souds this is what it sounds with the Real RFT Lotus Mod sounds

    This Is The Good Video :)

    Sorry About The Wrong Video :(
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