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Misc Marussia 2013 Steering Wheel HD. V 1.0

Marussia 2013 Steering Wheel HD.

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  1. nice =) do yu have other new steeringwheels to??
  2. In my homepage is the Red Bull RB9 Steering wheel.
  3. thanks. nicely done.:cool:
  4. Nice and Fantastic Job As Always... :thumbsup:
  5. Nİce one however I would like to reveal a mistake if you dont mind: DRS button should be on right and KERS button should be on left side of the wheel. Still it's a great model...
  6. Actually there is no error, as did the original version steering wheel of Marussia MR02.
    Look Here.
  7. Great wheel, Wilmer, thanks for sharing.:thumbsup:
    Stupid Marussia design. Its so uncomfortable to hold the kers and upshifting (right paddle) in the same time, logically must be on the left. I tried to replace them on my wheel and LOL - i'm not a pilot for Marussia, i am for the Merc and McLaren.:roflmao:
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  8. The steering wheel Mercedes of Lewis is the next steering wheel that I' will do:roflmao::sneaky:.
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  9. Super gob :thumbsup: Wilmer :thumbsup: !
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  10. Yeah ma bad sorry about that mate... However in the game all cars have their DRS buttons on right and KERS button on left with the default wheels right?
  11. yes, but I' try to do the steering wheels as close to real life;).
  12. Yeah you are doing a great job mate waiting for your other nice projects ;)
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  13. Awesome job buddy, gracias!
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