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Mods MARTINI RACING 1992 D.Auriol livey for LANCIA Delta HF Integrale 1.11

WRC 1992 Didier Auriol Monte Carlo 4k hd group a

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  1. Good Work
    Will this mod replace a official livery or add one?
  2. Thanks.
    This livery replace "Livery 7"(Car No.97).
    If you want to select the livery to replace, please to rename the file.
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  3. What tools are you using to create your liveries?
  4. First of all, download Ryder's latest tool called "Ego PSSG Editor (10.0.2014.1226 (10.0))" This is the tool you have to use later.
  5. is anyone else getting this error on the main livery texture? Untitled.png
  6. nevermind. the textel format had to be changed to dxt1
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  7. I also the same error has occurred.
    However, it is possible to import the texture of DiRT3.
  8. You can edit the DiRT Rally textures by
    1)Go to "All Sections"
    2)In the texture you want, go to textelFormat
    3)Remove the "_srgb" and you should be able to preview it and save it
  9. Thank you for the help information!!