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Marks Cams v2 Part One

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by blanes, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Marks Cams v2 - Part One - Screenshots included.
    McLaren Ferrari Williams Mercedes Red Bull Lotus Renault & Force India tweaked and not as high as v1 but still good road view.

    Only Cam modified is the Cockpit cam. Shake effect has been reduced.
    Backup of original cam is included so simply overwrite existing default cams if you like.

    The last 5 cars ( Caterham, Torro Rosso, Sauber, HRT & Marussia ) will be complete soon.

    cheers blanes :)

    ps. If you like them let me know ! MarksCamsv2_PartOne.jpg

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  2. Nice work :) but where is the download link?
    EDIT: Nvm found it sry i'm a new to this forum :)
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  3. They look great. Brilliant work!!!! I was thinking include them in my cams mod? What do you think? They really look amazing!!!:)
  4. Hey thanks Iceman, glad you like them, it is just an alternate cockpit view for racers who like to see a bit more of the track perspective ahead of them... it helps me race more consistent lap times and to stay in control through apexes holding my line better.

    I think many people will enjoy and use this view but many more prefer your T-Cams or Modmates Close and Low views with added dynamic movement. That is what I see from reading the comments which is good because more choice is better I know you agree ?

    I now have to finish the last 5 cars but it will not be until tomorrow afternoon because I am off to work soon - bloody 10 hour shifts not enough time to race/mod :( :D
  5. Sun


    I like it, but it's abit to high perhaps? good job anyways :)
  6. Thanks Sun :) I am thinking now that once this version is final I will add a lower view that will include the Kers/Drs HUD.

    Feeback is good to know which view low vs high and Hud vs No-Hud that people like best.

    But I am trying to stick closely to my original goal which was to make an alternate view, not covered by any other cam modders, which has the best view to see the track ahead and hit apexes more accurately and consistently.

    Many people ( like me ) have bit slower reaction times and not so sharp eyes for using the close view with lots of vibration ( makes me dizzy and get headaches ). This is what I aim for but also why I say the feedback is important to know if I am going the right way !?

    cheers blanes :D
  7. Does anyone want me to finish these ? I am not feeling very enthusiastic for it after reading what happened with Iceman, unless some people are wanting them. :unsure:

  8. Yes please finish them...I like them a lot...

    Cheers TT.
  9. What happened to Iceman?

    I recently started using cockpit view. Once the apexs are close, they are easier to hit than other views, but as mentioned the view is not all that great for seeing ahead so your cams should be good.

    I am new to PC though, I played the other games on console. How do you go about using these cams? Do they override other cams or are all the normal ones still in place?

  10. Fantastic - best view mod out there. Well done mate, and thanks for your trouble.

    I'd love the HUD added (without changing anything else).
  11. When I have some time ( back to work tomorrow ) I will finish v2 and also add Hud for DRS/KERS.

    cheers blanes :)
  12. i like them
  13. sorry I never got back to these as family & work overtook everything.

    Due to pCars I will never go back to F1 2012 or any other Codemasters racer for that matter. They proved how inept at racing games they are with the recent Grid 2.

    Lack of cockpits and a few other poor design choices ruin that game.
  14. so does this mean your not finishing them?
  15. Yeah sorry I do not have the time with family & work atm. My racing time is spent with pCars these days... nothing comes close except perhaps rFactor2 but it needs alot of work on the gfx.

    I bought into the betas of both those racers and they are the future imho.

    Codemasters have proven they cannot make a proper F1 game and the constant bugs in each new release are inexcusable.

    Feel free to use any or all of the cam mods I have made to improve them yourself.
    Good Luck :)
  16. Very nice work, well done.