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Helmets Mark Webber Brasil Helmet 2013 1.1

Mark Webber Brasil Helmet 2013

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  1. Whose work have you stolen again?
  2. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    You have to load at least a screenshot mate......otherwise you'll be saying bye bye to all your downloads. A better description wouldn't go amiss either.

    You just can't keep uploading items like this.....tis not correct.

    You are not even putting a version number in, which creates extra work for the moderators.
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  3. realitychecked


    Suspiciously stolen from another racing modding forum... I'll check it out.
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  4. seriously someone put a block on him?
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  5. Be patient, the staff will block him within the next 24 hours. Piracy (be it a modder's work or a game itself) is not tolerated at RD.
  6. And where are the pictures of the helmet?
    you should Sochen people like you that forbid upload
  7. Is it ok to block someone before confirm his work is not genuine ??
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  8. realitychecked


    Well it doesn't seem stolen... but looks horrific.
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  9. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    If its not stolen (hate that word btw, do all modders steal from CM as well?) I'd like the persons above ranting about bans, removal and fatal executions to post an apology to the OP.

    If it is work from somebody else taken provide us some solid proof instead of just ranting and raving all over the comments.

    Our moderators are not the internet police and we are certainly not going to open up all the uploaded files and backward compare them with each an every upload ever posted here.

    If somebody is sure his work is taken than submit the proof with the report.

    Time to chill out a bit, we are talking a game here. Not a bank-robbery.
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  10. @Bram Hengeveld, first of all, thanks for clarifying this; it is in my personal humble opinion very understandable that people around here get pissed off (sorry for using this term) quite easily after we've dealt with a lot of (what do I call it?) copyright infringements over the last few years.

    Proof of one of the other uploads being stolen has already been given (the Valtteri Bottas helmet, I think), so naturally this particular member's reputation is heavily damaged - which I am sure will be a lesson to him anyway.

    However, I want to apologize as it has been asked by the staff, since there is no proof that this particular helmet is stolen, and since no proof can be provided for the other uploads (so far). Thus, I think I've been to quick with my piracy accusation - so, sorry.
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    @ Simberia @Simberia

    some people need to check themselves......not sure `stolen` is the correct word......all of this material is via codemasters images/templates.....all getting abit anal...someome here changes a logo and suddenly they are the rights holder, or think they are Adrian Newey........please keep it real folks!!...its getting mental
  12. The main problem is that he doesn't respond to any of the comments you guys write to him. Either way he know he use stolen stuff and embarrassed or on the other hand don't want to burn himself more by chatting with you. Or simply he can't speak english.
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